Read Manga Online on MangaReader and ReadManga Websites

We have already mentioned a couple of sites where you can read manga online, like MangaPanda, Manga Freak and some other sites. Now we have got 2 more sites for you that is also free, and offers free manga to read. These 2 sites are; Manga Reader and Read Manga.

Read Manga (

This website is quite popular among those who love reading manga online. They don’t charge anything for this, and you can find almost all the popular manga on this website, including One Piece Manga that is known as the most popular manga.

Read manga Website

The user interface of ReadMangaToday is simple and easy to use. Manga List category will take you to a page where you can see all the Mangas available on the website. They are arranged in alphabetical manner, so readers can click on any Alphabet to look for a certain Manga. Hot Manga option brings you list of the Manga with the most views.  Latest Releases category comes with all the recent released Manga.

If you want to read any specific Manga, you can use search or advance search option to customize the search result. If you click on Watch Anime, you will be taken to another website where you can watch anime online.

Tools read manga

If you click on “Tools” option you get some customization options. You can change the Website theme choosing any custom background. It doesn’t require you to log in. You can hit the “Random” option to find a Random Manga to read, suggested by ReadManga website. “Recommendation Bot” and “RM Dummy Bot” both works only after logging in to the website. Changing default view from “Display Settings” doesn’t seem to change anything on the website.

You will also find a ChatBox on the sidebar where you can join other Manga readers and chat with them. You can sign in to chat with your ID, or choose a name and chat as guest user. Full list of Manga categories is also located on the sidebar that represents the total number of Mangas available in that category

Download Manga Pub apk file for Android, recommended by ReadManga

Manga Panda

You can notice the MangaPub app download link on the sidebar. You can click on this link that will take you to MangaPub page. Download the apk file, and install on your Android phone. Make sure you have enabled “allow installation from unknown sources“, else you can’t install the app. Let us know by comment if you face any issue. Once installed, you can launch the app and read manga online for free.

Manga Reader (

When I looked at this for the first time, I was in little doubt that they have copied someone’s design. However, I checked MangaPanda again, and realized that they both are exactly the same, except the website theme color. The content on the home page, Mangas in the list, Search option, and even the Android App downloading option is the same. They both have link to the same Android App, because they both have the same content. I think, both are run by the person/organization. Please read our article about Manga Panda website, and it will be the explanation of Manga Reader Website too.

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