Generate Your vCard QR Code Free

Mobile and Tablet Users Please use the phone/tab in Landscape Mode (Horizontal Mode) to get the proper view of the app and make it work.

QR Code has replaced traditional visiting cards and business cards. These days most of the smartphones either come with a QR Code Scanner app or their Camera has it in-built.

Why QR Code as vCard or Business Card and not traditional Visiting Cards?

Traditional Card easily gets misplaced, but when you Scan QR Code with a mobile, it gives you the option to save on your device. It comes with a bundle of information, e.g. Name, Contact Number, Websites, Address, Email, Social Media, etc.. All you have to do is just Scan and select to save. No Manual Typing! Easy and Quick way to save your time and your client’s time.

Generate your Free vCard QR Code or Visiting Card QR Code

Just Enter the Detail according to your Need. No Fields are Mandatory. Just type what you want others to know.

If you want to Download QR Code as an image, just right-click on it and save as an image. Mobile Users Hold the finger tap and save as image just like you save any other picture.