Best Free Offline and Online Image to PDF or PDF to Image Converter, and How to do it?

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PDF to Image or Image to PDF

Sometimes you may want to convert a PDF file to Images, like JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc., or vice versa. If you have never done this earlier, you may think how it can be done, but it is very easy. You can use available tools on your device, or do it online. We will tell you many ways that can help you convert  JPG to PDF or vice versa. You can convert almost all types of image files.

PDF to Image Online Free Converter

This website can convert PDF to JPG, PDF to PNG, JPG to PDF or any other file formats to PDF. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Visit the website PDF to Image Converter tool Page.
  • Upload a PDF File. It supports single and multi-page files.
  • Adjust Quality and Scaling Bar.
  • Click Convert to Image and It will download automatically after conversion.
pdf to image

Image to PDF Online Free Conversion

  • Visit this Image to PDF converter page.
  • Upload a single or multiple images.
  • Adjust the image compression bar where 0 means no compression.
  • Click Generate PDF to view your generated PDF file.
  • Click on the Download icon within the preview area to get your PDF file.
image to pdf

How to Convert PDF to JPG, JP2, EXR, PNG on Mac or macOS

  • Double-click on any PDF file to open.
  • Now click on the File option (located in the menu bar), and select the Export option.
Export PDF as Image on Mac
  • A new window will open, where you will be asked to enter a file name and destination folder where you want to save the file.
  • Select the image type from the “Format” drop-down list, and click the Save option.
Saving PDF as JPG

Note to Mac Users

While selecting a format be careful what you want. These are the formats or extensions of images you can convert PDF file into on Mac.

  • JPEG format will save the file with a .jpg extension.
  • JPEG-2000 saves the files with the .jp2 extension.
  • OpenEXR will save the file as FileName. exr.
  • TIFF saves as .tiff, and PNG saves as .png.
  • All these formats are the format of images.

PNG, TIFF, EXR, or JPG to PDF Converter option on Mac

  • Open the image file on Mac by double-clicking on it.
  • Click on the File option in the menu bar, and select Export as PDF option.
JPG to PDF convert on Mac
  • Name your file, and select the location/folder where you want to save it, and hit the Save button.

Convert any image file to PDF on Mac, Windows, or Linux Syestem

  • Launch Google Chrome Internet Browser on your computer.
  • Drop any image file to Google Chrome. You can also right-click on the image file, and select to open with Google Chrome.
  • Once the image is opened in Google Chrome, press Command+P (Mac Users), or Ctrl+P (Windows/Linux Users).
  • Now you will get the Print Preview window. Click on the Save option, type a name for the file, select folder/drive, and hit the Save button.
Image to PDF on Windows and Mac computer