5 Online Tools For Quick Image Background Removal

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Image background removal is a task that has traditionally required manual effort, skills, and expertise in graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop. However, today’s AI-powered tools simplify and streamline this process; you don’t have to be a design expert to edit your visuals. Many online platforms and apps now offer free background removal tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and remove the background from an image automatically.

Read further to learn about the advantages of AI-powered online solutions and discover the top five tools to help you with the removal process.

4 reasons to use online background removers

Edited Image
Made with Depositphotos Background Remover by Removing and Adding new BG

Free photo background removal apps and tools can help you in various picture-processing situations when you need to eliminate the backdrop quickly without the designer’s assistance. Some of the primary purposes of background removal are: 

  • Eliminate the backdrop elements in a picture and help viewers focus on the main subject;
  • Place the image without a background in different projects or contexts—for instance, use it on social media with a new background that matches your branding;
  • Remove a cluttered background and make a visual more aesthetically appealing;
  • Prepare a picture for an e-commerce platform or brand catalog, where all images need to have identical backgrounds (or not have any at all);
  • Prepare visuals for a collage.

You can achieve it with the help of graphic editing software, too. However, online background removers have several advantages over professional software. These advantages are:

They are easy to use

You don’t need advanced technical skills to use online background removal tools. They have intuitive interfaces with simple instructions, and the process is user-friendly. 

They are time-saving

Even if you are a professional designer who can easily erase a background in graphic editing software, this could still take some time. Online removers, on the other hand, deliver precise results in less than a minute. And that’s a significant advantage to many creators. 70% of workers say they would like to automate their work time by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks, and online tools grant them this opportunity. 

They are cost effective

Not all photo background removers are free, but even paid ones offer some complimentary options. For instance, some solutions allow you to process several images for free to decide whether you want to purchase a subscription. Generally, automated online background removers are more affordable than graphic editing software subscriptions.

They are accessible

Traditional graphic editing software runs on laptops and computers only. However, these aren’t the devices that people use most often. 95% of the US respondents named smartphones their most-used device in 2023. With online background removers, you can process images from smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices with an internet connection. 

FAQ: Is there a completely free way to remove the image background?

Yes, if you use the right tools. Although some online background removers have paid features, some don’t require any fee to process images. For example, you can use Depositphotos Background Remover or Fotor Background Remover. 

FAQ: What is the best online background remover for beginner creators?

One of the top beginner-friendly online background removal tools is Depositphotos Background Remover. This tool runs on AI-based algorithms, employs machine learning technology for quick image processing, and allows you to download HD results for free after registration.

Top 5 online background erasers

When exploring online tools for background removal, the abundance of options on the market can be overwhelming. To streamline your choices, consider these five popular tools that cater to various creative needs.


#1 Depositphotos Background Remover 

Depositphotos Background Remover is an automated online tool that processes JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WebP images up to 30 MB in size. To edit visuals, upload your file to the webpage and wait a few seconds to see the result. The remover maintains the photo quality and allows you to download backgroundless pictures in PNG format. To save your HD results, create a free account on the platform. The tool will store your processed files for seven days so you can get back to these files and make additional edits. 

Overall, Depositphotos Background Remover:

  • Uses advanced algorithms for precise background removal;
  • Delivers high-quality results for complex images with hair and animal fur;
  • Has a user-friendly interface with simple controls;
  • Allows you to fine-tune the results using “Erase” and “Restore” brushes, which are adjustable in size and hardness. 

#2 Clipping Magic

ClippingMagic is an AI-powered online tool for precise and quick background removal. It has a user-friendly interface and some extra tools for sharp cutouts, for instance, the hair processing option. You can use it for free or purchase an affordable subscription to remove watermarks and unlock the bulk removal option. 

Overall, Clipping Magic:

  • Works with complex images with fur and hair;
  • Offers additional editing options, including straightening, resizing, color correction, etc.;
  • Allows you to export processed visuals in different formats, including PNG, SVG, and TIFF;
  • Offers tutorials to master the removal process.

#3 Remove.bg

Remove.bg is an online background remover known for its accuracy and speed. It automatically removes backgrounds from images with minimal user input and allows you to add new backdrops within a few clicks. The tool is free for standard-quality pictures and requires a paid subscription to download HD results. 

Overall, Remove.bg:

  • Uses AI technology for precise background removal;
  • Works well with cluttered images;
  • Offers plugins for Figma, Google Drive, and other platforms.

#4 Fotor

Fotor is a diverse online design tool that offers a background removal feature. It uses AI-based technology and is a great option for creators looking for background removal, photo editing, and graphic design solutions in one workspace. The background removal feature is free, but some of the other Fotor features can be unlocked only for a fee. 

Overall, Fotor:

  • Removes backgrounds and offers a bunch of photo editing tools;
  • Offers manual adjustment options to fine-tune the background removal results;
  • Allows you to add creative effects to processed visuals.

#5 Cutout.Pro

Cutout.Pro is an online tool for basic and quick background removal. It has a simple and user-friendly interface and, therefore, is suitable for beginner creators. The tool is free for standard-quality image processing. To download the results in HD, you need to purchase credits.

Overall, Cutout.Pro:

  • Offers a simple editor that you can use to polish the processed visuals;
  • Allows you to customize the background;
  • Is very straightforward and beginner-friendly. 

FAQ: What is the best free app for removing background?

One of the best and most popular apps for quick image processing and background removal is PhotoRoom. It provides an efficient and user-friendly workspace where you can erase the backdrop in one click and replace it with a new visual. Moreover, it offers batch processing, retouching, and social media uploading services.

To sum up

Online background removers are simple and beginner-friendly solutions for creators looking to erase image backdrops in a few clicks. They are either free or inexpensive, quick to deliver results, and versatile both in terms of features and supported devices. Try one of our top five listed solutions to find the best option for your creative endeavors.