Full HD Black Backgrounds; Pure/Plain Black and Black with 3D effect

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Black color represents many things, including Mystery, Fear, Power, Formality, Death, Elegance, Strength, etc.. However, its meaning is not the primary reason many people use Black Wallpapers on their computer or Smartphone. Some people love black color, they wear a black shirt, black pant, black shoe, own black car and so on… Earlier we wrote an article about changing Mac’s boot screen color from White to Black, this is another example of Black color affection. Mac users also prefer Dark Boot Screen over White.

Usage of Full or Pure Black Backgrounds

  • If you are buying a used smartphone or Computer, Pure Black and Pure White both wallpapers help to locate the shade or dead pixels on the screen. It can save you from buying a defective gadget.
  • Pure Black Wallpaper also increases the battery life of Smartphone and Computer.

We are going to share 2 types of black wallpapers in this article; Full Black Background and Some Dark and Black Wallpapers with 3D effects. We have brought Full HD wallpapers that you can download and use. To download any of the wallpaper, just click on it, and then you can right-click and select Save or Save as option to save the Wallpaper to your computer.

How to Change Desktop Background on Windows Computer

  • Method 1 : Right-click on desktop –> Select Personalization option –> Click Desktop Background –> Now you can select a Wallpaper to Set as Background.
  • Method 2: Right-click on any image, and select Set as Desktop Background option.

How do I Change Desktop Wallpaper on Mac OS X

  • Method 1: Right-click on Desktop –> Select Change Desktop Background option –> Select the wallpaper you want to use.
  • Method 2: Right-click on any image –> Hover the mouse pointer on Services –> Select Set Desktop Picture

Plain or Pure Black Wallpapers for SmartPhone and Computer

There are 4 plain black wallpapers in different resolution. You can download the one that suits your screen resolution. If it doesn’t you can still download, and use as full screen. It’s all black, so that should not make any noticeable difference. Resolution of the image has been mentioned underneath.

Download Full HD Dark and Black Wallpapers with 3D effect














2K Dark Wallpapers
Cool Trippy Wallpapers

Are you using a Pure Black Wallpaper or the one with 3D effect? Please share your thought about Black Backgrounds by comment.