List of Websites to Play Unblocked Games at Schools, Colleges and Offices

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Schools, Colleges, and Offices usually block all the gaming websites to prevent students/employees from playing games on the internet. There is no way you can unblock those websites. However, there are many unblocked games that you don’t even know. Such games are available on Google sites. Don’t think that Google has developed those games for you. Here is how it works;

Google allows making free sites to everyone. Any Google user can visit, and make their own website. Uploading a game there, and letting other users play require some work. We will leave the designing work here, and come to Unblocked Games. So any school, college or office never blocks That’s the only reason most of the Unblocked Games are available on Google’s custom sites created by many users around the world. These games are simple, small and easy to play.

List of Websites to Play Unblocked Games at Schools, Colleges, and Offices

Unblocked Games

This site has so many games that you can play online without the need of downloading them.



This site is full of Unblocked Games, but how many of games do you expect? There are over 1200 games to play. They have games for all categories, like Action, Adventure, Mission or Skills-Based, Role Playing Games (RPG), multiplayer games, and there is even Angry Birds and Clone. If any Game is not working or you want to request a game, you can click on “Request Game” option and fill the form, and submit.



This website has 97 games so far that you can play. There are fighting games, racing games, adventure games, mission games and the list goes on. You can even find Mortal Combat game ;). This is not the same Mortal Combat you play on your computer, but a small clone game of the original version.



Finding games on this website could be little tricky, because when you visit this site, you will see a just black home page with so many texts. Look at the left sidebar, and you will see the list of games. Just click on any of them, and you can start playing. They keep adding new games.



Names are kind of weird for such sites, but they serve with what you need. There are total 108 games so far in their library, and new one keeps coming. There are many common games that you will find on all websites, like Happy Wheels, Angry Birds, Run2 etc..



You can choose to play from over 600 games on this website. Whether you want a Zombie Game, Snake Game, Cricket Game, Football Game, Racing or shooting game, they have got everything for you.



This is another website with so many games, that should be enough to keep you entertained when you get bored.



You are really hunting unblocked games, aren’t you? So HuntingUnblockedGames website is another place where you can play games from Schools, Colleges, and Offices. There are over 250 games to play.

Can I download the games from above-mentioned sites?

Yes, these games can be downloaded. Please read the article about downloading flash games. You can download with a little trick or use a flash downloader.

What other options do we have to play unblocked games

You can play some cool games within Google Search. Here is the list of doodle games that should not be blocked by any school or organization as they don’t need you to go to any other website. Some of these games are also known as Easter Eggs.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout game has been developed by Atari inc., but you don’t need to go anywhere to play this game. You can play this game Google Image Search. Just go to, and type “Atari Breakout” without quotes. The game will start. Alternatively, click here to play.

Google Atari Breakout


This game is integrated into Google Search, so all you have to do is type Solitaire in Google Search field, and hit the Enter button, and this classic game with pop in the search result.


This is Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle, just like the latest Fruit Game Doodle. However, Fruit Game Doodle can be played via Google app only, and PAC-MAC can be played right from the internet browser. Visit this Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle Page, and hit the Insert Coin button, and the game will start. You can use arrow keys from the keyboard to control Google Pacman.

Tic Tac Toe

A traditional game that used to be very popular. This game can be played by 2 players or one player can play against the computer. You can play in easy mode or try even impossible mode. Type Tic Tac Toe in Google Search, hit enter, and enjoy the game.


This is another Doodle from Google that allows playing a game. Visit this page to play the Basketball game. You can control the ball with Space key.


This Doodle was used in 2012 by Google. You can still play Hurdle game using this link. You need to keep pressing left and right arrow as fast as you can, and press space bar to jump the hurdle. If you are slower in pressing arrow keys, you will never be able to jump.

Google Hurdle gameSoccer

Play soccer with Google Doodle. Just like Hurdle, there are three key to control, left & right arrow key and Space key. Try yourself here.

Doctor Who’s

This game is kind of cool. The concept of the game is same as Monument Valley. Your mission is to collect GOOGLE (6 characters to finish the game). You can play here

Ponny Express

Ride the horse, and collect all messages on the way, but don’t get hit.

Ponny Express

Halloween Global Candy

Fly on Broom, collect candies on your way and prevent from hitting birds.

Qixi Festival Chilseok

Catch the bird, drag it and drop into the bird color matching round field. You have to make the bridge and meet your love.

Play Rubik’s Cube Game

Don’t forget to check shortcuts to control before you start playing. It’s a puzzle game where you need to match colors. I hope you must have played this games in your childhood.

Slalom Canoe

This is a cool game where you need to keep moving ahead in the water, but also avoid obstacles on your way. Arrow keys can be used to control Canoe. The quicker you use the arrow keys, the faster Canoe moves.

Make movie with Eiji Tsuburaya’s Doodle

In this game, you are given 10 tasks to complete, and you get just a couple of seconds to complete each of them. These are the 10 tasks that you need to complete in this movie making game;

  1. Glue the building.
  2. Dress the actor.
  3. Destroy the building.
  4. Light the set.
  5. Stomp the tanks.
  6. Connect the wires.
  7. Smash the containers.
  8. Swat the spaceships.
  9. Connect the harness.
  10. Follow the hero

Help Beethoven’s unfortunate journey to the symphony hall by arranging his masterpieces

Bethoven was going somewhere, but he puts one of this foot on the sticky substance on the way. While getting away from the substance, he didn’t realize that a horse has broken his music note into many pieces. You need to help him collect those pieces together.

Parachute Jump Doodle Game

It’s a simple game, there isn’t much to do. Just use the left and right arrow key to control the parachute, and you will be on the land/surface/water in few seconds.