Google Image Search Tricks to Find Images Like a Pro

People use Google Search Engine to look for various information, and it provides the most relevant result compared to any other Search Engines. Along with information, it is the best tool to find images. Google Image Search comes with various options to filter pictures and using those filters you can find the image of your own choice. If you are not looking for Image Search Trick, read our article about Google Search Tricks to learn more. Today, we will tell everything you can do with Google Image Search, from basic to advanced.

How to use Google Image Search : 13 Tricks

It’s very simple. You can visit from any internet browser. You can use Smartphone, Tablet as well as a computer to do an image search. Simply type the search term in the search box, and press Enter key or click the search button. You will get so many images as result, and only images.

Google Image Search

1. Finding images of certain things or persons

If you are trying to find images of a certain person or certain things, you can use quotation mark in your keyword. For example, I am trying to find images of Angelina Jolie only. So I will type “Angelina Jolie” with quotes in Google Image Search.

Angelina Jolie Images

2. How to find images in certain sizes

We can decrease the resolution of a large image from a computer and online tools. However, increasing the image resolution makes the quality worse. Google Image Search allows finding images in certain sizes. Whether you are looking for a large or small, Google can find it for you. It is very helpful when you are looking for HD Images or HD Wallpapers. Follow these steps;

  • Now you already know how to use Google Image Search. So type any keyword to search images
  • Once you get the result, click on Search Tool
  • Click Size, and select the desired size you want

In the example below we have demonstrated how you can find larger images. If you click on Exactly, you will have to define Height and Width of the image you are looking for. Using this option will give you very few result, or may be none in some case if the resolution you entered not available.

Google Image Search size

3. Google Reverse Image Search Or Search by image

Reverse Image search is something that allows you to find images from an image. You can upload an image to Google to check when, where and how frequent an image has been used, and where it was used first to find the real owner of the image. Google allows to use this option from computer only, but Reverse Image Search for Mobile is also available on a third party website. Please read our article about Reverse Image Search to get the full instruction.

4. Google Image Safe Search or Explicit Result Filter

When Safe Search is on it filters images that may not be suitable for many users, like pornographic, sexual etc.. Let’s have a look what you see for “Love Making” as search result when Safe Search is on and When it is off;

When Safe Search is on

Safe Search On

When Safe Search is off

Safe Search Off

Now you understand the difference what happens when you turn it off. To enable or disable Safe Search you can simply click on Safe Search Option and Enable of disable Filter Explicit Result.

5. Finding the search terms you used earlier

If you forgot what word you used to search an image and want to see those images again, it can be done. You need to follow these steps;

  • While you are in image search page, click on Settings (gear icon)
  • Now hit history

Search History

In the history page, you can keep scrolling to see the older result. When you reach the end of the page, click on Show more to see older history. Here is how the search history page looks like;

Search history page

6. Tip to find animated images, like GIFs or PNGs

We have already discussed in our previous article how you can filter search result to see only GIFs, PNGs or Animated images. Please rear our article about GIF Search

7. How to find an image in specific color, like Black and White, Transparent, Red and so on…

If you are looking for a black & white, transparent or image in any other color, you can find it customizing the search result. Transparent images usually have no color or object in the background, for example, an image of a brand logo. If you select Yellow, Red or any other color, images will appear in that color.

To find the image in Specific color, you need to click on Search Tool in image search page, and click Color, finally select the color you want in an image. I am going to show you an example of Red Color.

Image in Red Color

8. How to find images from a certain website

if you want to use Google Image Search to find images from any specific website or blog. You need to type this way in search field

“ : HD Wallpaper”

Don’t use quotes. Now Google will search only for images, and won’t show result from any other websites.

Images from techgrapple

9. How to find images avoiding Copyright issue

Finding proper images may be difficult sometimes, and you are not supposed to abuse copyright. In such case, you can filter the search result to find those images that are free to reuse for commercial or non-commercial use. If you are looking for images that you can modify and add on your blog or website, you can filter the result that way. Follow the steps below;

  • Click on Search Tool on image search page
  • Hit Usage Right
  • Now select the desired filter option you want

Copyright issue with images

10. How to use Google Image Search to see images with size

When you search images on Google, it shows the image without size by default. So every time you want to check image size, you click on it. However, you can simply customize search result to show the image with size, and you won’t have to click again and again to see picture resolution. Here is how you can do that;

  • Click on Search Tool on Image search page
  • Click More Tool, and select Show Sizes

Here is the difference when Show Sizes is not enabled, and when it is enabled

Image Search Show Size

Show Size enabled

11. How to Find Images of any Specific Duration

If you are looking for a fresh image or even older one. You can customize Google Image Search result to show the image posted during the specific duration. All you need to do is; click on Search Tool, and hit Time option, and then select the duration. You can also click on Custom Range, and define the duration in from and to the field.

Image for specific duration

12. How to search some certain kind of images, like Clip Art, Line Drawing, Faces etc.

Rather than a normal Picture If you are looking for some Clip Art or Line Drawing images, Google Image Search is the best way to find it, and here is how you can do that;

  • Type the word to search any images, and when you are on image search page, click Search Tool
  • Now Click Type, and select the type of image you are looking for

Here is the difference between normal search and Line Drawing Image Search result

13. Advanced Image Search to apply more filters to Image Search Result

Along with above-mentioned customization, you can also use Advanced Image Search of Google. It allows applying even more filters, like showing result from a specific Region, From Specific Website, In Specific format and so on…..

In the image Search page, click on Settings (gear icon), and hit Advanced Search

Advanced Image Search

Here is the screenshot of Advanced Image Search Options what you get to filter the result

Advanced Image Search Options

Clarifications of Options

  • All three words : If an image doesn’t include all the mentioned word along with other words, will not appear in search result. Depending on the words you type, it may change to all four words, five words, and so on…
  • The Exact Word or Phrase : The word you mention in that field should exactly match, only then images will be displayed, else Google will not show any image. You must type the words in quote, like “Flowers”
  • Any of these words : You can type multiple words here. If any of the mentioned words are available in File Name, those will be displayed. You must type OR between each word, like iPhone OR iPad OR Mac
  • None of these words : Just Type minus sign (-) before each word that you don’t want to have in an image file. Ex : -Mac -MacBook -Apple
  • Region : You can select the country name from the drop-down list to see the images from a specific country only. Any image not published in that country will not appear
  • Site or Domain : If you are looking for images from a specific site, you can type the domain here. For ex : If I am looking for images from, I must type in the domain field. If you are looking for images from only .gov sites or .edu sites, you can also type .gov, .edu etc.. Each domain extension needs to be separated with comma
  • File Format : You can select the file format from the drop-down list. It allows finding files in a specific format, like JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG etc.

Rest of the options are quite clear, and we have already mentioned, like Usage Right allows to avoid copyright items, Image Size allows to select certain resolution, Aspect Ratio allows selecting whether you want tall, wide, square or panoramic images.

If you want to add anything to the article, please comment below.

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