Do a barrel roll and many more Google Search tricks

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The popularity of Google search has created an “action word.” If you want to suggest someone search over the internet, you can simply say “Google it.” Along with normal searches there are many things, like do a barrel roll for fun, calculate, search from a specific website, check your blog’s index pages etc.. We are Google tell you many Google Search Tricks to google like a pro.

Google Search Tricks

1. Do a Barrel Roll

“Do a Barrel Roll” is just a fun thing. It doesn’t help you with anything, but it can make you laugh, especially an older person or a child. When you type “do a barrel roll” in google without quotes, it makes a roll of the search page in left to right direction. That’s all it does.

Here is a video about do a barrel roll

2. Search content / item / article or anything from a specific blog / website

If you type anything in Google gives you relevant search results based on your search, but you can also type a keyword or anything to search from a specific blog or website.

Example: iPhone 6s Plus

Once you type that, you will get all the relevant results from only. Any other website or blog will not be included in the search result.

search content from specific blog or website

3. Check time for any country or city

You can check the time for any country or city in Google search. Example: “Time: Dubai

Check Time in Google Search

4. Find meaning or definition

You can use meaning as well as definition to find the meaning of any word.

Example: Meaning: Hexagon

Definition : Hexagon

5. Calculate in Google Search

You can calculate in Google Search by entering the calculation term in search, and the hit Enter. Check the screenshot below

6. Convert Currency or measurement in Google Search

You can use conversion feature in various ways, please check the screenshots

7. Check Flight Status in Google search

All you need to know is the flight number. Simply put the flight number in the search box and hit enter or tap on the search icon. Google will tell you the flight status right there. Check the screenshot

Check Flight Status in Google Search

8. Look for similar websites

If you are looking for similar websites, Google makes it very easy. Just type this way, for example,

Similar website in Google search

9. Check how many pages of your blog has been indexed by Google

If you are a new blogger or you run a website and want to check how many pages of your Website/blog Google has indexed. You can check it in a few seconds. Check this way for example ““. This blog has a total number of 2820 pages indexed so far.


10. Check Weather in Google Search

If you want to check the weather of your own city/place. Simply type “weather” in Google search and it will tell you the weather detail if the browser has access to location-enabled.

If you want to check the weather of any other city, type this way: “weather: Dubai“. It doesn’t require location access.

Check Weather in Google Search

11. Check Stocks

Simply type “Stock: CompanyName”. You will get the result right there.

Check Stocks in google search

12. Look for your favorite movies

Google search can also be used as a customized search to find movies based on genre or years. If you are looking for action movies released in 2001, you can type like this; Action Movies: 2001

Google search action movies

13. Look for music in Google Search

Find the music of your favorite singer. Looking for Britney Spears’ songs? Just type “Music: Britney Spears

Google search for Music

14. Search Books, Artists, and other stuff

Just like Movies or Music, You can also search for books, artists and other stuff whatever you want.

Google search is the most popular search engine because it’s easy to use and user-friendly. All you need is “little logic” and you can find almost anything you want. Now don’t tell me you can’t find your lost money. 😀

15. Do a backward Google Images search

You must have heard about one option that allows searching images from an image. It actually finds the specific image usage in the past, and you can find out which websites posted it first. You can learn more about this option in our Reverse Image Search article.

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16. Find your IP Address

You can easily find your internet IP Address with a simple Google Search Trick. Just type my IP in the search field, and hit Enter. You will get your IP address.

Find your IP

17. Tell Google that search result must include multiple words

If you want the search results to include multiple words, you need to type OR between words. e.g. iPhone 6 OR iPhone 6s OR iPhone 7. If you type this and search, articles that include those words will be shown in the result.

18. Exclude a word from a search result

If you are looking for something certain, and don’t want Google to show one or some certain words, you can use Minus sign in Search Terms. e.g. –Mac “Tech Grapple”. If you want multiple words to be excluded, use a comma. e.g. -LG, -Samsung, -Motorola “Tech Grapple”. Minus sign (-) tells google to remove such results that include those words.

19. Find a certain file type

If you are looking for some certain file type, Google has made it very easy. Type in the format Search Term FileType:FileExtension. e.g. Love Story filetype:pdf. This will show only those result that includes a PDF file.

20. Tell Google Show Result only when Search term is included in article’s title, body or URL

The most relevant article includes your search terms in the Title. So you get the best result if you search this way. You need to search this way; allintitle: search Term. e.g. allintitle: Google Gravity. Google will show only those results that include Google Gravity in the title. If it includes in the body or another part of the article, Google will filter those. In the same way, you can replace allintitle with allinurl or allintext. Allintext is to look for the search term in the body of the article.

21. Find the missing word with Google Search Trick

If you can’t recall a sentence, use an asterisk in Google Search. This simple trick will find you the missing word. e.g. Every * Dog has its Day. Hit enter, and Google will tell you the correct word

22. Search between

Google allows searching between specific values. I am looking for Smartphones that cost between $100 to $150, then I will have to type like this for most relevant result; Smartphones $100..$150. So the 2 periods (dots) between the values filters the result.

23. Search from Specific Site Type

I am looking for an update on Barack Obama, but I want those updates from Government websites or channels only. So I will type Barack Obama in Google search and hit Enter. Site:.SiteType filters the result. You should know some most popular site types. .Gov is for Government,Edu is for educational sites, .org is for organization .com is for commercial, but .org, .com, .info all these are being used by bloggers. So they may or may not be commercial, informative or Organization sites. However, Gov and .Edu are specific.

24. Know your current location

If you don’t know your current location, don’t worry. Google knows it. Type Where am I on Google, and you will come to know.

Where am I

25. Search Google US version search engine from any country

If you are not in the US, you must have noticed that Google Changes its URL automatically, like,,, and so on… If you want to use the Google US version for search, just visit

26. Google Coin Flip

You can type in the search field Flip a coin,” and Google will show flipping as processing, and then you will get the result as Heads or Tails

Flip a Coin

27. Google Tells you Love Quote

Looking for a random love quote? Ask Google, and it wastes no time. Just type in the search result “Give me a love quote,” and Google will show you a random Love Quote, Every time you hit the search button or press enter, you will get a different quote.

Give me a love quote

28. Google Super Mario

A very popular Super Mario game that we enjoyed very much in our childhood, and still love to play. Well, Google Search Result doesn’t let you play there, but you can have a little fun. Just type “Super Mario Bros” in the search, and you will find the game detail on the right side of the page with a blinking question mark (?) icon. Every time you click on it, you will get 200 points in the way you get in the game.

Google Super Mario

29. Google Askew

Simply type “askew” in the search field, and press the Enters key or hit the search button. Google page will not be in straight shape anymore.

Google Askew

30. Google Doodles

Google keeps changing Google Logo time to time based on events, and those are known as Doodles. You can check all the Doodles here:

Google Doodles

31. Atari Breakout: Google Image Search

You mind be thinking what an image search would bring, but it’s amazing. Visit, and type atari breakout“, hit the Enter key. Now you can play one of the games that you played a lot in a traditional video games.

Google Atari Breakout

32. Heart Shaped Graph

Type this in Google search, and you will get a Graph with heart : (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

Google Heart Graph

33. Know the fun fact

Just Type Fun Fact in Google’s search field, and press Enter. It will show you a random Fun Fact at the top. Every time you refresh the page, you will find the new facts.

Fun Fact

34. What Sound Does a __ make

Ask Google about Animals, and it will tell you how they sound. For example, you can type “What sound does a cat make” without quotes and press the Enter key. Google will show the animal picture along with the Sound icon. Click on the Sound icon to listen to the animal sound. You can replace Cat with any other animal name.


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