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Atari Breakout is still popular among many game lovers. The name of game is “Breakout,” and it has been developed by Atari inc., so it is known as Atari Breakout. It’s a classic arcade game that was released in 1976. You can also find this game in some very affordable Video Game Devices. It is available in color as well as black & white.

How to Play Atari Breakout Game

Atari Breakout is a very simple game that doesn’t require you to invest even a single minute in training. In this game, all you have to do is stop the ball from falling down. On the bottom, you get a small piece of object that you need to move left and right, so the ball can hit the object and can go up again. On the top of the screen, you get many small pieces of bricks kind of thing. Every time ball goes up, it breaks one or multiple bricks. When you have just a few bricks on the top, the ball may come down without breaking the brick, so you will have to aim it that way so all the bricks get broken. If you fail to prevent the ball from falling down, the game is over. Some websites, apps or videos games, give the player multiple chances to clear all the objects (bricks) from the screen.

Breakout Boost by Atari (iPhone and iPad)

This game is available to download for free from the App Store. Along with simple gameplay, they have added some deeper gameplay features such as power-ups, boost control etc.. It requires you to have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8 or later version. You can play 10 levels for free, and then you will have to pay for additional levels. So far they have got over 200 level in the game. This has been downloaded by over 2 million users.

Download the app from App Store

Some More Breakout games for iPhone and iPad

There are some more breakout games for iPhone and iPad that is similar to Atari Breakout, you can download these games from app store for free;

  1. BREAKFINITY By Hassey Enterprises, Inc.
  2. BlocksClassic Lite By Bootant LLC
  3. Oldschool Blocks By Piotr Makowski
  4. Brick Breaker Hero! By Game Circus LLC
  5. Breaking Bricks Like Crazy By Yeisela Ordonez Vaquiro

List of some cool Breakout games for Android

Bricks Demolition

This game has over 400 levels to play, and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. There are two control modes on this game; Classic and Demolition. Changing the control mode changes the way bounce angles.

Break Bricks

Break Bricks is developed by CanadaDroid, and it is also free to download. There are over 150 challenges that will take some time to master the game.

Break Bricks 2016

This game from Studio Classic can also be installed on your device for free. 896 is the highest score that a player can achieve in this game. You will get 2 sets of bricks, and each of them consist 448 points. A trick to score more than 896 is to play the game in 2 player mode where the second player can score maximum 1,344 points.

Websites to play Atari Breakout game online

Google Image Search

You can go to Google Image Search and Type “Atari Breakout” without quotes, and the game will start automatically. You can also use this link to start the game play.

Google Atari Breakout


This website also allows playing Atari Breakout game, and it’s much better than Google’s gameplay version. When you visit the website, the game will take 10 seconds to load, and then you can hit the Play button, and then hit New Game to start playing.  Move the Mouse Pointer left and right to move the object, and don’t let the ball fall down. When all the bricks are broken, you will reach next level.

atari breakout


You already know about this website. It is the official website of Atari Breakout Game Maker. You can visit the website to start playing this game. Along with Atari Breakout, you can also play some super cool game on their website, like Yar’s Revenge, Combat, Luna Lander and so on… Single Player, as well as a multi-player option, is also there. They serve ads before the game starts, and the also advertise that you can enjoy an ad-free gameplay if you use Internet Explorer. So Windows users can get the ad-free experience.


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