Google Fun Tricks and Tools, Google Gravity, Underwater, Space, Mirror and many more amusing tools and tricks

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Google Gravity is something that can be used to trick your friends or just for entertainment purpose. In general, Gravity is the force that attracts the body towards the center of the earth. Google Gravity also does something like that and attracts the page item towards down. There are various websites that have been made especially for this purpose, and just to keep you entertained. Along with Gravity, we will tell about more tricks and funny tools that you may love to use.

1. Google Gravity Zero

Google Gravity Zero Mr Doob

Apply Google Gravity like Gravity to any Text

As it’s a Zero Gravity concept, it attracts everything towards down. The page breaks into various pieces and goes to the bottom of the page, just like a building falls down. However, you can still type and search for anything. The search result will appear the same way. Clicking on the search result will take you out of the Gravity page. Some of the words on the search page slides smoothly on each other, and it looks like they are holding each other, else they will fall down.

Try this yourself :

Alternatively, you can also do directly from Google Search, but before you do, you need to turn off the instant search. To turn off instant search you can log in to Google Account, and visit Google Preferences page. Check the option “Never Show Instant Result,” and save the settings. Now visit Google.Com, and type “Google Gravity” in the search box, and hit “I’m feeling lucky.” You will get the Google Gravity Zero page.

Google I am feeling lucky

2. Google Gravity with Mirrored Text

There is another tool that does the same job bringing everything to the bottom of the page, but it also mirrors the text on the page. You can try this : Or you can also use Google Mirror without Gravity here :

Google Gravity Mirror

3. Google Gravity Underwater

This one puts the Google Search under water, and you will see some fishes and octopus inside the water. Well, it doesn’t do more than that. You can type into the search box, but the clicking on search icon or pressing Enter does nothing. You can try this :

Google Underwater Gravity

4. Google Guitar

Another work of eGloog. You can visit this page to enjoy their amazing work : It comes with Google Guitar and some predefined keys to play “Twinkle Twinkle” “Happy Birthday” “Harry Potter” and “Forest Gump” Tune. You don’t need to know anything about music, just press the mentioned keys, and it will do its work. You can also type to search anything you want, and the texts on a search result will be mirrored.

Google Guitar

5. Google Pac-Man

Do you love Pack-Man game? This tool allows to Play Pac-Man, and you can also type anything in the search box to look for information. Pac-Man can be played by clicking on Pac-Man window once, and then use arrow keys of the keyboard to control. Try here :

Google PacMan

6. Google Do a Barrel Roll

Open Google Search, and type “Do a barrel roll.”  Whole Google Page will roll itself in the 360-degree direction.

7. Google Terminal

Use Google Search like an advanced computer user. Good enough to trick a newbie. You can type a search term in the given field, and it tends to find the result showing loading/processing kind of activity. It shows the search result, and you can also move to the next page, but you can’t click on the result to open the page. It’s just for fun. Check this out :

Google Terminal

8. Google Snake

The most popular game among Nokia users. It used to come preloaded in most of the Nokia Devices. You can enjoy Snake Game in form of Google Search, and control it using arrow keys. Play Snake Game here :

Google Snake Game

9. Google Space or Anti Gravity

Google Space is acted like Google is in space, and it moves here and there in the air. You can type a search term, and the search result will also move around the page, each result will move around the page. If you are doing on a smartphone or tablet, you can drag and drop items here and there and spin them. You can try this here :

Google Space

10. Google Sphere

Let the Google Move round and round. This is another project from MrDoob that moves in the shape on Sphere. When you takes the mouse cursor in the moving field, it slows down, to let you click or type. Try yourself :

Google Sphere

11. Google Zerg Rush

Play with Google, and save search result. Just type “Zerg Rush” in the search field, and press enter. You will see many tiny objects coming from up, down and sides. You need to click multiple times on those objects to kill them. Based on the killing you will get a score that appears on the right side of the page.

Google Zerg Rush

12. Google Chuck Norris Trick

Have you ever seen Google denying to find a Search Term? This tool has been made by Arran Schlosberg, and Google has nothing to do with this. This trick will find you something amusing and surprising. Try this once, but do read whatever it says in error :

Google Chuck Norris Trick

13. Google Rainbow

You can see Google Search options colored in rainbow color. You can try this: It is a customized search engine that shows the search result based on Google Search. So they have integrated the coding to make this happen, and colored the page very well.

Google Rainbow

14. Epic Google

Epic google is designed based on Google Search Engine, and it’s a fun tool that can also be used to find information putting search inputs. The search page keeps zooming in. Try this :

Epic Google

15. Google Weenie

It does the opposite what Google Epic does. It starts from normal screen, and keep on zooming out, and finally appears in very smaller size

Google Weenie

16. Get the list of upcoming or latest released movies

Just type “Upcoming Movies” or “Latest Released Movies” in the search field without quote, and Google will show the list of all top new released or upcoming with posters.

Upcoming Movies

17. How to use instead of or or any other country specific Google Search

Google detects your location so it could be hard to reach Google.Com if you are not in the United States. There are 2 ways to do that; (1) Visit, and it will take you to (2) Alternatively, you can visit, and the country specific Google Search will be opened, now click on at the bottom.

Google US Search

18. Use Google Search in Secure or Private Mode

Google Tracks some information that you search on Google, so what you can do to make a secure search. Use, and feel free to search anything you want. It is powered by Google and shows the same result what Google does.

19. A Funny Search Term

Type in Google Search anagram” without quote, and Google will ask if you mean “nag a ram.” Why does Google do that when the word is correct? It is because Google is so smart, and give you an example of Anagram word. A word, phrase or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, called Anagram.


20. Let the search result Blink

You can make Google blink, but it doesn’t mean that whole Google will start blinking. Just type “<blink>” in Google search without quote, and hit enter. You will get the search result, but all the Blink word in Google Search will be found blinking.

21. Do you want to see a Festivus Pole in Google Search?

Type the word “festivus” in Google Search, and you will find a festivus pole on beside Google Search (on the left).

22. Google in 1998

Google was founded on September 4, 1998. However, do you remember how it used to look like that time? If you don’t remember anymore, Google has made it easier. Just type “Google in 1998” in Google search, and you will see how it was like when they launched Google Search Engine.

Google in 1998

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