Google Easter Eggs – Short Games that you can play on Google Search

Google Search is full of surprises. Sometimes you may find something that you never thought of. This is one of the reasons many people make Google homepage for their browser so that they can be on the worlds’ number 1 web page when they launch their internet browser. Today we are going to tell you some short fun games that you can Play within Google Search result.

What is Easter Egg ?

Easter Egg is a joke, hidden tool, hidden message, or feature in a computer program, search engine, DVD, or any other stuff that maker or inventor hides intentionally to surprise users. For example, tapping 4 to 5 times on Android Version (Android 4.4) bring a Big word on the screen that moves when you tap on it, and when you keep tapping it turns screen color to red and shows the Android version. This is one of the examples of Easter Eggs. Easter egg could be a fun thing or a useful thing. Online Calculator or Conversion tools that Google shows in the search result is also a part of Google Easter Eggs.

Google Easter Eggs as Short Games That You Can Play on Google Search

Atari Breakout

It is a fun game that is hidden within Google Image Search. You can go to Google Images, type the word “atari breakout” without the quotes, and hit Enter Key. Atari Breakout Game will pop on the screen automatically. This trick works on the computer as well as mobile devices. You get 4 lives in this game.



This is actually a Google Doodle that Google released in 2010. To play this game, you can just type “Packman” or “Google Packman” in the search without quotes, and hit Enter key. The game will pop in the search result.


Tic Tac Toe

This is another game that can be played on Google Search. Just type the word “Tic Tac Toe” in the search field, and hit Enter button. The game will appear in Google Search result. The games come with a score board, and you can choose to play in easy mode, medium mode, impossible mode or with your friend.



Most of the people love this classic game, and it comes preloaded with Windows OS (not available in all version). However, you don’t need any app to play this. Just go to Google Search, type “Solitaire” without quote, and hit Enter key. The game will pop on the screen, and you can start playing.


Zerg rush

Type the word “Zerg Rush” in the search field and hit Enter. You will see so many O-shaped objects moving on the screen that will start cleaning the page, and the will erase everything virtually from the search result. You need to click 3 times on each O-shaped item to kill it, and make a score. When the whole screen is cleared, it will show you 2 big “GG” character on the screen made of O-shaped object.

zerg-rush-gg zerg-rush

Roll a Die

When type “roll a die” in Google Search without quotes and press Enter, Google brings 6-sided die on the screen. You can play it as a short game; guess a number between 1 to 6, and click on roll it option.


Flip a coin

Many of us have played this as a game in the childhood, and now we do it to make a decision. Type “Flip a coin” in Google Search, and press Enter key. Google will flip the coin for you and will show the result as Heads or Tails.


There are more games that you can play on Google, but those were released as Doodle, and you cannot play them on Google Search. You can read our article about Free Games to know about such Doodle Games.