How to Use Free Calculator & Unit Converter Online in Google Search

Google Search is full of surprises, and you don’t know what you will find when you type something in Google Search. Along with normal searches, Google Search can be used for various purposes, like Reverse Image Search, Playing Atari Breakout with Google Image Search trick, and you can even have fun with Google’s Do a Barrel Roll trick. Today, we will tell you how you can use Google Search as Calculator and Unit Converter tool, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

What You Can Do With Google’s Online Calculator and Unit Converter Tool

  1. Use as Standard or Scientific Calculator
  2. Graph Equation
  3. Use as Geometry Calculator
  4.  Convert Currencies
  5. Convert Data Transfer Rate
  6. Convert length, e.g. mm to the inch, cm to inch, meter to km, km to mile etc.
  7. Convert Weight,e.g. pound to kg, gram to ounce etc.
  8. Convert Temperature, e.g. celsius to Fahrenheit, kelvin to celsius etc.
  9. Convert Volume, e.g. gallon to a quart, milliliter to liter etc, cup to litter etc.
  10. Convert Time, e.g. minutes to seconds, seconds to hours etc.
  11. Convert Pressure, e.g. Pascal to the bar, Torr to Atmosphere etc.
  12. Convert Speed, e.g. Mile Per Hour to Kilometer per hour, Foot Per Second to Meter Per Second, etc.
  13. Convert Plane Angle, e.g. Degree to Radian, Milliradian to Minutes or arc etc.
  14. Convert Fuel Economy, e.g. Kilometer per liter to Liter per 100 Kilometer
  15. Convert Frequency, e.g. Kilohertz to Megahertz, Megahertz to Gigahertz etc.
  16. Convert Energy, e.g. Joule to Kilocalorie, Gram calorie to Foot-Pound etc.
  17. Convert Digital Storage, e.g. KB to MB, MB to GB, GB to TB etc.
  18. Convert Data Transfer Rate, like Kbps, to Mbps, Mbps to Gbps etc.
  19. Convert Area, e.g. Square foot to Square mile, Hectare to Acre etc.

Well, it was a long list, but bringing all those conversions in use is very easy. I am sure that no one is going to convert or even try all those conversions at the same time. You will always do whenever it is needed.

How to use Google’s Online Unit Converter and Calculator Tool

Online Calculator

To use an online calculator, you can type the calculator terms in Google Search and press the enter key, e.g. 289*45 for multiplication, 9% of 45 for percentage calculation, and so on. If you are not sure what to type, just type “Online Calculator” in Google Search and hit Enter key. A Scientific Calculator will appear in the search result.

Google Online Calculator

You can graph complicated equations quickly by entering your functions into the search box. You can see what a sample equation looks like here. You can graph these functions; Trigonometric, Exponential, Logarithmic, 3D graphs (for desktop browsers that support WebGL). If you want to plot multiple functions together, you need to separate the function with a comma.

Unit Converter

To convert any unit, type in google search what you want. Type the conversion term in this format “_ _ _ to _ _ _, e.g. 500 KG to Pound. 

Unit Converter

If you don’t know what to type, just type “Unit Converter” in Google Search, and hit Enter key. The Unit Converter tool will pop in the search result. Now select the unit type  you want to convert, like Mass (for weight conversion), Length (for Measurement Conversion), Temperature, Time etc.. Thereafter, you need to select the unit type on the Left (Convert from), and the Right (Convert into). Enter the number on the left, and you will see the output on the right, or vice versa.

Online Unit Converter

Visit this page to learn more about Google’s Online Unit Converter and Calculator tool.

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