Latitude and Longitude & GPS Coordinates Converter online tool

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Earlier we published an article to help users find out their current location, and such tools also help to find out the Latitude and Longitude of the current location. If you missed reading, please read our article ” Where am I .” Latitude and Longitude are also known as Lat Long.

What is Latitude, Longitude, and Coordinate?

It doesn’t matter you are in the US, UK, Antarctica or any other part of the world, every location has a global address, and the address is defined in numbers, so anyone can read it easily. The global address of all location consists 2 numbers. One of them is called Latitude and the other is called Longitude, and the Global location with two numbers is called coordinates.

How to check Latitude and Longitude of any location?

If you want to check the Longitude and Latitude of the current location, just type “Where am I now” in Google Search, and you will find many results that can tell your current location as well as Latitude and Longitude of the address.

You can also check Latitude and Longitude of any other location from any of these websites;

LatLong.Net (Latitude, Longitude, Coordinates etc..)


Lat Long is a great website to find Longitude and Latitude of any desired address. Just visit the website, type the location in the given field, and hit Find option. Latitude and Longitude will appear in the given field as well as on Map.

Along with Latitude and Longitude, it also shows GPS Coordinates.

GPS Coordinate

Lat Long website also has useful features. They have got many options to help you with geographical location stuff, like Lat Long to Address, Address to Lat Long, Lat Long to DMS or UTM etc..


ITouchMap.Com also has a similar tool to find Lat Long for any address. To find the Latitude and Longitude you can simply type the location or just click on the map.

Lat Long with Address and map

NASA’s Latitude-Longitude Tool

This tool from NASA does the similar job ITouch map do, but it does little more. You can find the latitude and longitude of any location by entering the address, and can also select the location on a map. The thing what makes it different is the “real-time data.” Hover or move the mouse around the map, and it keeps showing the longitude and latitude of all the places wherever mouse pointer goes.

Lat Long Data

GPS Coordinates Converter Tools

How to find an Address with GPS Coordinates or Latitude and Longitude

If you know the Latitude and Longitude of any address, or just GPS Coordinates, you can easily locate the address. We will tell you websites and apps that can be used for this purpose.

This is how latitude looks like, 25.322327, 55.513643. The first number represents latitude and the second one longitude. Please note that all the values are in decimal, and there must be minus sign in for South and West location.

Example of GPS Coordinates :

25° 19′ 20.3772” N

55° 30′ 49.1148” E

Now you already know how Latitude, Longitude, and Coordinates look like. GPS-Coordinates works as GPS Coordinates converter tool. You modify one end, and the rest will be modified itself. Just visit their website, and you will have these three options (If you don’t see these options, hit Converter option on their website).


Address option allows to type address, and then you can click Get GPS Coordinates to locate Latitude, Longitude and GPS Coordinates.

DD (Decimal Degrees)

Enter Latitude and Longitude in the given field, and hit Get Address to locate the Address and GPS Coordinates.

DMS (Degrees, Minutes and Secondes)

Enter the GPS Coordinates and hit Get Address, and it will fill the Address, Longitude and Latitude field.

GPS Coordinates online

Apps for iOS and Android to help with GPS Coordinates, Altitude, and Longitude

iOS Apps

There are free as well as paid apps, you can download you like the most. Free apps usually include ads, and paid apps let you enjoy ad-free service. So it’s up to a user how they like the service.

Coordinate Converter

Price : $0.99

Coordinate converter app allows to see locations on Map and can convert any Address to GPS Coordinates or vise Versa.  This app is compatible with iPad, iPhone as well as iPod Touch.

Coordinates Converter Free

Price : Free

This app allows to view coordinates on a map, locate your current location, and convert between 5 geographical coordinate formats; Decimal Degrees, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds/UTM WGS84 and MGRS.

Coordinates – Calculate and Convert a Position

Price : Free

This app supports several coordinates format. It Supports output as; Latitude and Longitude in Decimal Degree/Degrees and Decimal Minutes/Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, Standard UTM, NATO UTM, MGRS, Georef, Grid Square etc.. In the same way, it also supports input in various format. The app is worth to try and costs nothing.

Android Apps

Here are some apps for Android Devices that any Android Users can download to help them with GPS Coordinates and other Geographical location stuff;

Coordinate Converter by innovative concept inc

Price : Free

GPS Coordinates Converter by ARiS websitewerk

Price : Free

GPS Coordinates Converter by Roman Langrehr

Price : Free

If you are still looking for something else related to GPS and Google Map, please let me know by comment. I will try to find some other online tools to help you with your need.