High resolution HD Images; How to search & Where to get

These days not even Laptops and Desktops, but smartphones also come with high resolution display. HD, Full HD and even 2K is considered standard resolution. In such devices if you use a low resolution images as wallpaper, it will look awkward. You need high resolution HD images, even 2K and 4K to make the display look awesome. Now the question is where to find such great quality HD images? We will tell you, how to search and where to download from for free.

How to do an image search to Find downloadable high resolution HD images

Whenever it comes to online search, Google comes at the top. You can use Google to search high resolution images. Here is the step by step guide.

  • Visit images.google.com
  • Type the search term (any kind of image you want)
  • When you get the search result, click Search Tools
  • Click Size
  • Click Larger Than, and Select Resolution
  • Or You can click Exactly, and mention desired resolution

Here is an illustration how to find high resolution HD images via Google Image Search. I wanted to get high quality Love Images, and this is how I found it.

Search High resolution HD Images google

This is the best way to search HD images. Google is the most powerful search engine that indexes all the URLs and Images quickly that have been published on the internet.

However, if you are looking for some websites or blog where you can find such high Resolution HD images, we will tell you that as well.

Where to find and download from high resolution images

These are some websites that you can visit to find quality images

stocksnap.ioYou would love this site for sure. They have a huge collection of beautiful stock photos. Grab them for free

Free High Resolution HD Images

pexels.com : This one is as good as StockSnap. Get the images in the size you want. While downloading you get the option to choose size of the image.

designerspics.com and magdeleine.co : Both of them are very good to browse and download free high resolution images. You can browse by category and search with keyword

gratisography.com and unsplash.com : They don’t have a collection of million of billion images, but all of them are 2K, 4K and 5K resolution. It looks pretty and awesome when you set these images as wallpaper on your smartphone, tablets or computers.

kaboompics.com : Get the HD Wallpaper you love. You can search by available categories, and download for free.

FreeImages.Com  : They have got a collection of so many images that you download for free. You can preview the image, check resolution and size before you download them.

raumrot.com : They are not the best source to download pictures as they have limited numbers of images. However, all are in high resolution, and according to their website, those images can be used for commercial purpose as well.

highresolution.photography : They have really good collection of images. This site allows to download high resolution images for free, and you can also submit your own images there to let other users use them.

morguefile.com : Get millions of handpicked images in high resolution, and all comes for free. Along with their own library, they have a collection of images from iStock, Getty, Dreamstime, BigStock, DepositPhotos and Fotolia.

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