How to download flash games from Unblocked Game sites

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There are many websites where you can play flash games. However, many of them don’t allow downloading games from their websites. If you want to download flash games, you need to look for such sites that allow downloading games. So let’s know about such sites.

If you don’t want to download the game and just play online, then Keyboard and the mouse are your basic control option. However, XPadder is an application that allows simulating keyboard and the mouse movements using a gamepad. If you don’t know where to get it and how to use, then you can read this giuide to download xpadder for windows.

There are many websites that are hosted as Google Pages. Most of these sites are known as Unblocked Game Sites. You can also visit our Unblocked Games website and play games. Any game from a flash gaming site is downloadable. All those sites allow playing Flash games, and such games are in SWF format. Here is how you can download.

How to Download Flash Games from Unblocked Game Sites?

  • Visit the gameplay page (where the game is playable)
  • Once you are there, right-click on the blank space on the web page, and select View Page Source


  • Now look for the .swf file. You can use cmd+f on Mac or ctrl+f on Windows.
  • When you find .swf file, copy the link from https……. .swf, and paste in in separate browser window, and press Enter. Have a look at the screenshot below, I have highlighted the link.


  • Now the game will start. URL may look different, but don’t mind it.
  • Click on File Option in Menu bar, and select Save Page As, Windows users can press ctrl+s to save.
  • You will get the saving window, where you can type a name for the file. However, make sure it shows SWF file.


  • Once it is saved, you can play it even without the internet. Open this SWF file with Google Chrome or any other browser (Provided you have installed Adobe Flash Player). I said Google Chrome because it comes with preinstalled Flash Player. You can simply drag and drop the SWF file to the URL/Address Bar Google Chrome and Play.

Alternative Method

There is a Flash Downloader extension for Google Chrome Browser. You can add this extension to the browser, and download any flash videos as well as games without any issue.