iOS Apps and games Gone Free for limited time

There are so many iOS apps and games that go free now and then. You can download the app for free if you know about the promotion in right time. These free apps don’t frustrate you with annoying ads. However, some app developers put the ad later, but some don’t for lifetime.

Here are some iOS apps and games that you can download now for free for a limited time

Smart PDF Scanner: Scan Documents to PDF

Usually costs : $4.99, Now : Free

Just capture a photo of any document, and you will get a PDF file. You can use it for any purpose, or send/share it. It comes with auto-edge detection feature or it can be set manually. You can also change the color of document : Keep it colorful as it is or change it into Gray or Black & While color. 

Get this App here

Free ios apps and games

Monument Valley

Usually : $3.99, Now : Free

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

Get it here

Skill Game

Usually : $2.99, Now : Free

You must have guessed by its name. It’s a puzzle game that requires some skill to clear each level. Without touching the line that you have created, your target is to connect all numbers together. This game has over 6 million downloads and 4+ rating.

Download this Skill Game here

My Town : Hospital

Usually : $2.99, Now : Free

It’s a fun game. You can become a doctor or act as a nurse, and help around the hospital. There are 15 characters to play with, and 6 rooms to explore. A great game for those aged between 3 to 12.

Get the app here for free

Little Food Truck

Usually : $1.99, Now : Free

Have fun with turning your iOS device into little food truck, choose your helper, and feed the customers, name food, and enjoy.

Get this app for free here

Juggle It

usually : $0.99, Now : Free

It’s an arcade game. You need to stay alert, and don’t let the item touch the ground. Some items moves quicker, and you also need to avoid bomb.

Download and enjoy the game for free

Save the Cubes

Usually : $0.99, Now : Free

It’s a 3D Puzzle game. In this game you need to drag and drop the cube brain in correct position, and put the infected cubes to death. You also get bomb and sniper later.

Get it here now


Usually : $2.99, Now : Free (Until 4 December)

It’s a classic word scramble game. If you are fond of such games, you can download it now for free. You get a randomly generated board, and you need to find as many word as you can before you run out of time.

Get Wordly here

Gesture Touchpad for Win8

Usually : $4.99, Now : Free

You can download this app to use your iPhone as Windows 8 Trackpad and use some keyboard functionalities. This app will require you to download free PC companion software from Splashtop Website.

Get the app here

Calendarium – Everything about this day

Usually : $0.99, Now : Free

It’s a unique way to use calendar, you will always learn new things. It tell the historical day, holidays and events, that can be shares with friends. You will discover many interesting facts, and historical days while using this app.

Get it from app store


Usually : $1.99, Now : Free

Push Stubies around and join by color, and keep the screen clear before it turns into chaos, and don’t let them fall.

You can download it here

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