Play Online or Download Fun Game Happy Wheels 1, 2 and 3, Get the App for iPhone

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Happy Wheels father

Happy Wheels game is very popular among users, and you can also find it on many Google’s customized sites (uploaded by users), so it is unblocked for everyone whether you want to play from School, College or anywhere else. There are 3 versions of this game, know as Happy Wheels 1, Happy Wheels 2 and Happy Wheels 3. You can either play online or download the application for iPhone. The Online version is better compared to the mobile app version, but you will have to play on Computer because of flash content, or You will have to use a browser app that supports flash content, like Puffin.

Happy Wheels Game app for iPhone

iOS users can download this game from the app store. The app is free to use if you don’t mind ads, or use in-app purchase to enjoy ad-free version. There is only one version of Happy Wheels game as an app, but there are 2 difference characters you can select. To select a different character, you can simply swipe the screen to left/right. There are more characters, but they have not added them so far, it shows as coming later. You must be 17 years old to download the game because it involves violent graphic.

Happy Wheels iPhone

How to Play Happy Wheels on iPhone

  • Use Right Arrow sign to go forward
  • Use Left Arrow sign to go backward. You can also use this as brake when you want to stop
  • Use Up Arrow to jump
  • There are 2 more arrows signs that can be used to lean backward or forward. You must use these arrow sings when you are going up or down, else you will break your feet

Unblocked Version of Happy Wheels 1 and Happy Wheels 2

  • This version requires flash player to play
  • These games are unblocked, so you can play even in schools, colleges or offices (but only on custom websites made on Google Platform)

Links to Play Game Online Uploaded on Google Site

Happy Wheels 1

Happy Wheels 2

When you play online, you can control with arrow keys, and space key changes its control depending on the character you use. For example, when you select the Father as a character, Space key can be used as brake to stop the bicycle, but when you select the Old man, Space key will work as speed booster for his Wheelchair. Out of 4 characters, you can choose 3 in the demo version of the game.

Happy Wheels 3 and Happy Wheels 4

Happy Wheels 3

There are many websites where you can find the game as Happy Wheels 3 and Happy Wheels 4, but they just use this trick to bring users to their website. Most of them upload the First and Second version and mention it to be newer. However, you can play the Latest version on the official website for free, and this should be the third version of the app. There is no other versions, so don’t look for Happy Wheels 4.

How to Download Happy Wheels 1 and Happy Wheels 2 for Computer to Play Offline

All the Happy Wheels version for the computer is available is as Flash Game that requires to have Flash Player installed on your system.



How to use : Download the zip file from the given link above, unzip it to get swf file. Drag and drop the file to Google Chrome’s Address Bar (URL Bar), and the game will start. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to play this game.

Currently, we don’t have the download link for its third version. We will update the article as soon as we have. If any of you have, please let us know via comment.

Is There Any Android App of Happy Wheels Game

I tried my best to find one, but could not find the original version of the game. There are apps with the same or similar name, but not the same. Happy Wheels has been created and developed by Jim Bonacci.

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