How to unblock websites without VPN app on iPhone & Android

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Unblock Site and Secure Browsing

We already know about paid and Free VPN for iPhone and Android that can unblock restricted sites, and we have also informed about Web Proxies earlier to unblock sites. However, Free VPNs are extremely slow, and Web Proxies are not good enough to load pages properly. You may get frustrated. So we have got a new solution that works much faster compared to VPN apps and Web Proxies.

How to unblock Websites without VPN app on iPhone and Android

Red Onion Browser (iOS Only)

It is the best and very secure browser for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Your real IP doesn’t get exposed, and this app can be locked with Passcode and Touch ID. When you launch the browser first time, it asks to enter 4 digits passcode, once you setup the passcode, next time you can turn on browser with Touch ID. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Pakistan or United Arab Emirates, you can browse any websites you want. It works much faster compared to any VPN. Rather than paying for a Premium VPN service, you have better to use this free browser.

Red Onion Browser

Puffin Web Browser (iOS and Android)

Puffin Web Browser is available for Android as well as iOS Devices. Its server is US Based, so it acts like you are browsing from the United States. So it can also unblock all those sites works in the US, but not in your country. It comes with free as well as Pro version for both platform. It also supports Flash, so you can play flash games or videos. We have added the link to the free version.

iOS Users : Download            Android Users : Get from play store

The Onion Browser (iOS Only)

This one is another solution to unblock websites from JustKodding. Install the browser on your iPhone or iPad, launch it, and enjoy. It unblocks those sites restricted in your countries.

Note : The listed browsers are not really beneficial for US users in terms of unblocking sites, because using those browsers, you will be using US IP. However, if you want to hide your real IP, and looking for a private browser, like Red Onion to lock it with your Touch ID and Passcode, you can get it.