The best free VPN for iPhone and a guide about how to delete VPN profiles on an iPhone

best free vpn for iPhone

If you want to unblock blocked sites, you need VPN (Virtual Private Network). It changes your mobile IP to other countries IP and the blocked sites can be browsed, and some people also use this to hide the identity. Well, whatever the reason is we don’t really want to pay for this, do we? So we need a best free VPN for iPhone that has no restriction.

betternet best free vpn for iphone and ipadFree VPN what to see in app store is not really free, and limited to some restriction. You will be restricted and asked to pay either after certain period or after using free data limit. I have tried many in search of the best free VPN for iPhone, I found one at last. Unlimited Free VPN by Betternet is really free without data or time restriction. You can simply download it from the Apple App store for free, install on your iPhone, open the app, tap on connect, install the profile, and come back to the app and tap on connect again. Now you are done, next time you can just connect. Profile installation is required just once. remember the smiling sign that means you are connected.This is the best free VPN for iPhone that requires no Login and credit card detail, but remember one more thing that VPN makes the internet slower than its actual speed.

In search of free VPN we install many VPNs in our iPhone and most of them expires after some days or some data limit, and then again we install new one and this keep on happening. If you go to you iPhone Settings and tap on VPN, you will see a ton of VPN profiles that are useless to you. Now the question is how you can delete all those useless VPN profiles?

Follow these steps to delete VPN profiles from you iPhones

1) Open iPhone Settings

2) Tap on General

3) Scroll down and Tap on Profile

4) Now you see VPN profiles there, Tap on the Profile you wish to delete

5) Tap on Delete profile now

6) Enter Password of you iPhone and Click on Delete again to confirm.

You are done, you have successfully deleted the VPN profile, and you can delete other profiles as well following the same procedure.

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