Zenmate alternative VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

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There are so many VPN Extensions that you can add to Google Chrome browser to unblock any blocked websites, and these VPNs also allows to access Dark Web without Tor Browser. However, all of them are not as good as some of them. Earlier we discussed about Zenmate VPN extension, but now it has started serving ads whether you are using the VPN or not. Serving ads make sense when the VPN is turned on, but when it is off why should they serve ads. In such case, many users may want to use an alternative, and we have got some of the best alternatives for you.

If you often use your Smartphone or Tablet to unblock websites and services, you can download VPN App. Those who don’t want to add any VPN extension to browser or download app, they can use any web proxy.

Note : You may feel the browsing speed has decreased while using VPN. Any VPN can’t give you the best browsing experience whether you are using a paid VPN or free one. So you should turn off the VPN when it is not needed.

Top 10 Zenmate alternative VPN Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

1. DotVPN

DotVPN seems to be working fine as I have tested for a couple of days. It connects to the VPN servers in a few seconds. Once you add to Google Chrome Browser, its icon will be added on the top right corner. You need to click the icon, and follow the screen’s prompt. It asks to enter the Email address to use the service. However, they don’t send any verification email (it may change in future). I typed a dummy email and it worked fine. If they start verifying the email, you can still use a temporary email address to verify.

DotVPN Google Chrome Zenmate alternative

DotVPN allows to connect to United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia, and it all comes for free with unlimited access. You can just slide the switch to turn on the VPN. To change the IP to a different location, simply click on the Server Location option, and select any country listed there. You can change the location anytime even when the VPN is already turned. When you switch the location, it automatically disconnects the user form one server, and connect to another.

Update : DotVPN has also started showing notification for premium service after few days of use. If you don’t upgrade, you get slower speed like other VPN. They charge $4.99 each month or $35.88 for a year. Yearly subscription will save you $24.

2. Browsec

Browsec is also a VPN extension for Google Chrome that comes with free as well as Premium version. It allows to connect to 4 virtual locations for free; Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. No payment or sign in is required as long as you are okay with these locations and browsing speed, else you can go for the premium service.

Browsec VPN

3. TouchVPN

Touch VPN extension for Google Chrome is free to use, and it allows to connect to the United States, France, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore. You can either allow the Touch VPN to choose a location automatically, or select any location manually. They do ask to share them on social media, but only once when you change to a different location. Touch VPN allows to connect and use VPN for all websites, or for a certain website.

Touch VPN

4. Tunnello

This extension is also free, but when you try to connect to VPN, it will take you to their website and you will be asked to register or login with any social media account. Once logged in you will get unlimited access to these virtual locations; Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Russia and Singapore. Select the location, and hit the big round Go button to hide your identity, and enjoy safe browsing.

Tunnello VPN

5. FreeMyBrowser

FreeMyBrowser VPN can be used as soon as you add its extension to Google Chrome. There is no need to sign up. This extension can also be used to unblock a website or service. It allows to connect to Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore, United States and United Kingdom. There is little tiny switch on the bottom right corner, it can be used to turn on or off the VPN. To enjoy anonymous browsing, just turn on the VPN and select any available virtual location.

FreeMYBrowser VPN

6. Hoxx

Hoxx also require you to register, but allows to access the service for free. They also have premium version if you want to upgrade, but you are not limited with any certain data with free version. There are free virtual servers as well as public servers that can be used to connect to a different virtual location. Being a free user, you can connect to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, France, Latvia, South Africa, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Germany, Canada, Spain, Austria, Czech, Russia, Switzerland and South Korea.

Hoxx VPN

7. Just Proxy

Like many other extensions, Just Proxy is also free. It doesn’t require any registration to use the service. Just add the extension to Google Chrome, and connect to the Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Free version of the app allows to connect to New York, London and Singapore. Users need to upgrade to Premium version if they need access to more locations, or use any other VPN that we have discussed in this article.

Just Proxy VPN

8. Hola

It is another VPN extension for Google Chrome that provides unlimited access. Hola doesn’t require any registration, so you can just add the extension to Google Chrome and enjoy. It comes with a Power button that can be used to Turn on or Turn off VPN service. Once turned on, you can choose a location to browse. You will see United Kingdom and United States on the front, and you can click More option to select any other country. You will find more than enough location to select that includes Asian, African, European and many other countries.

Hola VPN

Some issues with Hola VPN

  1. Hola VPN doesn’t works in some countries, e.g. UAE. It never connects to the server, and I faced the same issue. I had to turn on another VPN to make Hola VPN work, but after getting connected I turned off the other VPN, and it worked fine.
  2. You can’t browse Google Search Engine with Hola, but Yahoo and Bing can still be used.
  3. Every time you visit a new website, you will have to select the location manually. So it doesn’t seems to be connected all the time. It works like web proxy where you type a website URL and visit.

9. Betternet

Betternet comes with simple user interface. You are just one click away to connect to VPN. Once you are connected to VPN, you can browse any site you want, and there is no need to turn on again and again even you visit a new website. However, there is no option to change location, and it keeps the user connected to the United States. It comes with unlimited access.

Betternet VPN

10. HotSpot Shield

HotSpot Shield is free to use as long as you are okay with US location. They allow users to upgrade to premium service, and get access to more locations. When you use HotSpot Shield VPN, you will have to connect it again whenever you visit a new website, just like Hola VPN. Users can try 7 days premium service for free.

HotSpot Shield

Please don’t add more than one VPN to your Google Chrome browser. One should be enough to unblock any website, and you can remove one VPN and add another if you are facing any issue. It will help you to enjoy smooth browsing.

If any of the VPN stops working in future or the link goes down, please share your feedback in comment. We will update the article, and may add more VPN extensions for you.