What is Deep Web Search Engine, Dark Net or Dark Web

Dark Web Deep Web Search

Google is known as the best Search Engine, and it is also known as the best crawler that indexes web pages quicker that any other search engine, like Yahoo or Bing. However, how powerful do you really think Google is? Whatever you search in Google, or the pages we can access are just a fraction of the world wide web. This is where Deep Web concept comes from. However, many users assume that Deep Web and Dark Web both are same. Dark web falls under Deep Web, but it’s not all about Deep Web.

What is Deep Web

The portion of web pages or content that a standard search engine can index is known as Surface Web. All the web pages that a regular search engine can’t index are known as Deep Web. According to early estimation, Deep Web is 400 to 550 times larger  compared to Surface Web, reported by Wikipedia. So many new web pages and websites are made everyday, so Deep Web is growing like anything. For example, websites with .onion extension (e.g. Example.onion). Google can’t crawl or index the web pages from this website. However, .onion is just a small part of Deep Web, there are a lot more. Here are some examples of Deep Web that Google or any Standard Search Engine Can’t index;

  • Online Banking
  • Email or The Web Mail Services
  • Content behind the PayWall
  • Database Queries
  • Content or Webpages locked with Password
  • Web Pages that can’t be accessed without entering the captcha code (It’s not about submitting any information, but the whole web pages are invisible to anyone unless they complete the captcha,including search engines)
  • Pages that have not been mentioned on other sites or linked by any other pages

What is Dark Web and Dark Net

Dark Web includes the websites, web pages and content that exists on DarkNet, and it does require an internet connection to access such pages or content, but these are locked. Such contents require a specific software, authorization, script or configuration to get access. These pages are not indexed by Search Engines. All the illegal, smuggling, drugs selling, terrorism activity are a part of Dark Web, but it is not all about illegal activity. There are legal Government, Security, and sites of many organizations that also falls under dark web. So Dark Web is not all bad stuff, it basically means keeping stuff in the dark (secret) that are not suitable for everyone.

Tor Network / Tor browser and .onion websites

Many of the Dark Web are consists .onion extension, e.g. example.onion. It is a top level domain that you can’t really get from domain seller websites. These addresses are not DNS Names and .onion is not in Internet DNS Root. However, these websites can be accessed by Proxy Installed internet browser sending a request to Tor Servers. The primary reason to make such website is to keep the identity and information secure and make difficult to trace. Now you understand what is Tor browser all about. Tor browser keeps the users anonymous while using the internet, and it comes with preinstalled proxy. Every time you launch Tor Browser, it changes the IP. Such websites can be accessed by Tor browser.

You can download Tor Browser for free, it is available for almost all the platforms.

List of Some Deep Web Search Engines

  1. infomine.ucr.edu
  2. archive.org
  3. vlib.org
  4. findarticles.com
  5. loc.gov
  6. infoplease.com
  7. gwu.edu
  8. harvard.edu
  9. deeperweb.com
  10. dogpile.com
  11. findmaster.com
  12. yippy.com

These search engines may help you find those stuff and content that Google, Yahoo and Bing can’t.

How to access Dark Web without Tor Browser

Tor browser can bring the dark web into the light, but it can be done without Tor Browser. However, you need to understand that Tor hides your identity while browsing, and doesn’t reveal it to other search engines. If you try to access Dark Web without Tor browser, you put your privacy at risk, and reveal those sites to other search engines and users. You can use a free VPN or Proxy to access these websites or search engines if you get any error page.

  1. ahmia.fi
  2. torchtorsearch.com
  3. onion.link
  4. hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onion
  5. onion.cab
  6. xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion

Note : You may not enter any dark web pages if you are not using proxy or VPN (in case you are not using Tor browser).

Is Tor Browser 100% Secure

The short answer is “No, and NO.” There is nothing that we can call 100% secure, but Tor is safe to in general cases. Your continuous use of Tor browser may be risky because there are ways to decrypt and catch the person. The Tor and onion routing thing are not new, this concept was developed in the mid-1990s by United States Naval Research Laboratory to protect U.S. intelligence communications online. Tor is also being said to be (or was to be) funded by US Government, according to this Tor spook content by Pando.

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