Updated : Download some of the best free VPN apps for Android and iPhone

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is used to change device IP to disguise the server or a service provider. Most of the VPN App users use it to unblock those sites and services that are not available in their country. For example, Spotify is not available in many countries, and a free user can’t use Spotify in abroad after 14 days of the period. However, VPN app can make it happen.  Whether you are using an Android Phone or iPhone you can get the VPN apps for free.

Download these Free VPN Apps with unlimited access for Android and iPhone

Super VPN

Super VPN app also comes with free as well as premium features. Being a free user you can connect to Frankfurt (Germany), Fremont, California (USA), Tokyo (Japan), and rest are available for premium users only. You get unlimited access whether you are a free or premium user. This app is available for iPhone and iPad users only.

  • Free VPN by FastLemon

FastLemon is a new VPN service provider that is also free to use. FastLemon provides 2 types of application one of them come with premium access and in-app purchase option, but another one is completely free, and it doesn’t even have any in-app purchase option. There is no data or traffic limit, and you can use as much as you want. Just like other free apps, this app also serves ads. It comes with 5 locations that you can select manually; Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. You can also select Optimal Location option, and let the app choose the best location itself.

Download for iOS   |   Download for Android

  • VPN Master (Android / iOS)

VPN Master app is available for Android as well as iPhone/iPad. Like all other VPN apps, it also supports ads with the free version, but the app is worth enough to try. This VPN application allows connecting to so many locations with the free version. Please note that iOS version and Android version both are not the same application, but both have a similar logo. Android version is offered by VPN Master, and iOS version is offered by ALL Connected Co.,Ltd. However, both are good and works fine.

Android Users : Download

iPhone/iPad Users : Download

  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy (Android / iOS)

Hotspot Shield VPN app is also available for Android as well as iPhone/iPad. This app allows users to enjoy unlimited basic features, or upgrade to Elite to be a premium member. This app offers the largest VPN service coverage from 18 countries that includes United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine, and Mexico.

iPhone / iPad : Download

Android : Download

  • Betternet VPN (Android / iOS)

We have talked about Betternet earlier as well, but it seems there was some problem with the application earlier. It kept failing to connect, and sometimes never connected. However, we have tested it now after the latest update, and the app seems to be working fine. Betternet doesn’t allow free users to select any location manually. All you need to do it, tap the connect icon, and it will select any location it wants. When you go to check available VPN locations, you will find just Optimal Location, and can’t select ant other available locations. Well, the app still works fine on iPhone and Android.

Android Users : Download

iPhone/iPad Users : Download

  • AppVPN – Unlimited Free VPN

This VPN doesn’t limit traffic or bandwidth. Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can download and use this app for free with unlimited access. There are 5 locations that you can connect to with AppVPN that are as follows;

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. Japan
  5. Singapore

The good thing about this app is that you don’t need to register yourself or provide any contact or payment detail. This app is also known as Master VPN.

Download for iPhone   |   Download for Android 

  • Free VPN by FreeVPN.org

Free VPN app is developed and sold by Free VPN LLC on Google Play Store and App store. When many free VPN has started removing their free service, this app is still free without any data limit. This app can also be used without login or credit card detail. You can let the app to connect to the closest location automatically, or choose any of these location options; US East, US West, UK, EU, Scandinavia, Asia, Middle East, China, Japan and South America.

Get it now : For Android   |   For iPhone

Please ignore all the apps mentioned below as they have removed their free service now. We will update the article if anything changes in future.

  • ZenMate Core VPN (Android / iOS) : (Note: Not Free Anymore)


ZenMate is a great VPN app that is available for Android as well as iOS devices. This VPN comes with paid as well as free subscription. New users get 7 days free trial without any payment information, and then they can either pay for the premium service or keep using as a free user. It is not the best VPN app, but I found the ZenMate more stable compared to many other VPN apps. ZenMate allows selecting 4 locations to its free users that include the United States, Germany, Romania, and Hong Kong

Update : Zenmate unlimited free service has been shut down. A new user can enjoy 7 days free, and then you must pay every month to continue.

iPhone Users : Download

Android Users : Download 

Cloud VPN

Update : This app isn’t free anymore.

This is available for Android Only, and it is really a good one. It doesn’t require any sign-up, and users can have free unlimited access. The app comes with 5 options to select location; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and the 5th option is All Locations that selects the fastest possible network, and it could be any location. The app has received 4.5 rating and has received good feedback from users. You must try this one.

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