Spotify vs Deezer vs Apple Music vs Rdio vs Google Play Music

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There are various Music Streaming Services, and sometimes users get confused which one is the best for them. Today we are going to compare some great Music Streaming Services that may help your to decide which one is the best.

Spotify vs Rdio vs Deezer vs Apple Music vs Google Play Music


Spotify Image

Spotify is one of the many music streaming service providers, and the have over 30 million of tracks. Here are some quick questions that will help you to know more about Spotify.

What are the countries where Spotify is available?

You can check the full list of countries here. If your country is not listed, you can still access Spotify. Please read our article; How to Access Spotify anywhere. However, A free user can access 14 days only if he/she goes to a place where Spotify is not available. If you want to access even after 14 days, please read this instruction.

How many Songs does Spotify have?

Over 30 million songs and they keep adding new tracks.

How can I play Spotify music?

They have apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Blackberry as well as Android. So you can either play on the app or use their web player.

How much Spotify costs each month?

You can play for free, but that comes with some limitation. You can try Spotify Premium for a month with zero subscription fee. If you don’t like, cancel anytime. If you want to keep using as Premium users, you will be charged $9.99+tax each month. Premium users are ad free.

Spotify has also started offering 50% discount to Students. Spotify premium for Student can be subscribed for $4.99 each month only.

Can I listen to music on Spotify offline? How many songs can be saved?

You can save songs for offline access, but available for premium users only. You can save up to 3,333 songs.

Can I use Spotify on Multiple devices?

Of course, you can do. You can sync songs for offline access on up to 3 devices, but steaming is possible only on one device at a time.

Do they have any Family Plan?

Yes, they do. It costs $14.99 for up to 6 members (including you).


RdioRdio was the first music streaming service provider in the US. However, they got shut down, and now you can’t use their service. However, you can import Rdio Playlists to Spotify from here if you still have it.



Deezer is also an online music streaming service provider that with a larger song library compared to Spotify.

Some quick questions and answers about Deezer

What are the countries where Deezer Plays?

You can check the list of regions where Deezer is official.

Is Deezer Free, if not what are the subscription fees?

Like Spotify, you can use for free as well, but with some restrictions. Deezer Premium+ costs $9.99 each month. You can enjoy a risk-free one-month trial and cancel anytime. Being a premium member, you can enjoy ad-free music.

How much Deezer Family Subscription cost?

It costs $14.99 only, and you+five members can use it.

Can I Play Music without the internet connection?

You can save Music on for offline play if you are a Premium+ user. Free users can’t do that.

Can I use Deezer on multiple devices?

Same as Spotify. Up to 3 devices, but can play on one device at a time.

How many songs Deezer has?

They have over 40 million songs, and they keep adding new ones.

How to Play Deezer?

You can play on the internet browser or download the Application for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android as well as Blackberry.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is very new music streaming service that started serving since June 2015. We will try to answer some quick questions about Apple Music that can help you to understand well.

Where can I get the list of countries that Apple Music Supports?

It’s been only 8 months when Apple Music was launched, but it covers more countries compared to Spotify. You can get the list of countries here.

How many Songs Apple Music has?

iTunes library has over 45 million songs, but for streaming, there are 30 million songs, and rest can’t be streamed. So they have as many numbers of songs as Spotify does.

How much Apple Music costs?

If you are a free user, you can Play Beats 1 Radio only. Apple offers 3 months free trial for its Apple Music service, and then you will be charged $9.99 each month. Apple Music for Student has been announced recently that offers 50% discount to college or universities student.

Do they offer family subscription?

Yes, they do. They charge as much as Deezer does. $14.99 each month for up to 6 members including you.

Can I play Apple Music on Multiple Devices without Family Plan?

No, you can’t. Apple music sync the music via iCloud Music Library. So when you log in with your iCloud, all music starts syncing itself if iCloud music library in enabled on your device.

Can I save Songs for offline access?

Yes, you can as song as you are a premium member.

How can I play Apple Music? Do they have apps?

Apple music doesn’t have a web player, but the app is available for almost all the platform; Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is not as popular as other Music Streaming Service providers. Google Play Music is the best option for those with local files as they allow to upload up to 50,000 songs. Here are some questions and answers you may have about Google Play Music.

What countries are supported by Google Play Music?

You can check the list of countries on their official website, and click on Music.

What is the subscription fee for Google Play Music?

You can be a free user with some restrictions and ads, or can be a premium user. Google Play Music costs $9.99 each month. You can get one-month free trial

How about family Plan?

Google Family Plan costs $14.99, and up to 6 members can stream. However, Family Plan is available for Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States only.

Can I use Multiple Devices to play music?

Each individual can sync up to 10 devices, but only one device can play at a time if you have not subscribed Family plan.

Can I listen to music offline?

Yes, with the premium plan only.

How to listen to music on Google Play Music?

You can use Web Player, and they also have apps for Android and iOS.

How many Songs Google Play Music has?

They also have over 10 million songs.


Deezer is the only one that got over 40 million songs. Apple has even more in iTune Library, but as we said you can stream around 30 million on Apple music. Apple got an advantage as they already had iTunes library and users used to purchase songs. Now they can pay monthly and enjoy unlimited songs. So this option is much cheaper for those who used to buy each song or album. Apple and Spotify’s Student based Music subscription with 50% discount are quite tempting that no other Music Streaming Service Providers offer. Apple could be the best option for those who want to try a music streaming service for a longer period. Apple provides 3 months free trial that you won’t get with any other service providers.

Among all music streaming providers, Spotify is the most popular. However, all the music streaming service provider offers free trail. So it each better to try each of them, and you will have an idea which one you like the most. Users have different tests, and this is why all of them have paid as well as free users.