How to get Apple Music at 50% discount; Students only

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Apple Music 50 Percent Discount
Image : UNiDAYS

Apple Music is the Music Streaming Service from Apple. It was launched when Spotify, Deezer and Some other Music Streaming Services were already booming in the Music Industry. However, Apple made its way, and now they have over 11 million Music Subscribers (Until Feb 2016 report).

Apple currently offers 3 months free trial to new Apple Music Subscribers, thereafter they charge $9.99 each month if they continue to use the service. However, this is not the end of promotion, Apple has started offering 50% discount for Students who subscribe to Apple Music, they will still get 3 months free trial.

I am a Student, How can I get 50% Discount on Apple Music Subscription

First of all, this promotion is valid for only Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States. If you are not from those countries, you can stop reading. If you think you can Change Region for Apple Account, this won’t help at all, because Apple will verify and keep verifying for four years whether you are still a student or not.

This offer is valid for all users whether you are using Apple Music on Mac, iOS, Windows or Android. Students enrolled in qualifying universities or colleges can join Apple Music at a discounted monthly rate, and their identity will be validated through UNiDAYS website. After successful validation, you will be eligible to get the discount.

Student offer would be valid for the maximum period of 48 months, and they will get 50% discount. During this period, Apple will revalidate whenever they want to confirm you are still a student or not. If they found you are no longer a Student or you have completed 48 months of period, You will automatically be switched to Apple Music Individual account, and they will start charging usual price, e.g. $9.99 for US users £9.99 for UK users each month.

How to Select Student based Subscription

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Go to Settings –> Music
  • Tap “Join Apple Music”
  • Hit Start 3 months Free Trial”
  • Select Are you a college student?, and hit “Verify Eligibility”
  • Now a new browser window will open, tap “Already verified with UNiDAYS?” if you are already registered and verified, else enter your email address and search for your college
  • If you Study in some other country, you need to hit “Studying outside of “country name”?”, and follow the instruction
  • Once you complete the verification process, you will see a message on the screen “Open this page in ‘Music’?” Hit this option, and you will be taken back to the Music app, and now complete the registration process
  • If this is the first time you are joining Apple Music, you will get 3 months free trial, and then you will be charged a discounted subscription fee each month. You may require to add your payment information if it’s not in your account
  • If you have already enjoyed 3 months free trial, hit “Start Student Membership” option to continue

Mac and PC users

  • Launch iTunes app, and hit For You” option within iTunes app
  • Click “Start 3 months Free Trial”
  • Rest of the process is same what we described for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices

Android Users

  • You must have an Android device running Android 4.3 or later version
  • Now download Apple Music App from Play Store
  • Launch the application after it is installed
  • Tap Start 3 Months Free Trial”
  • Rest of the option are same as we mentioned for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

I am an Existing Apple Music Subscriber, can I avail student discount?

Yes, you can. Follow these instruction to change the Subscription option for Apple Music.

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users

  • Launch Music App, and tap on profile icon (Located on the top left corner)
  • Tap View Apple ID option, and enter the password to sign in (if prompted)
  • Tap on Manage (Located under Subscription Option)
  • Now you will find the Student Subscription option here, and you need to validate following the option we described above

Mac and PC Users

  • Launch iTunes App, click on your Apple ID (or sign in first if you are not logged in)
  • Select Account info

Account Into iTunes

  • You may ask to enter your ID and Password
  • Under Settings section, You will see Subscription option. Click on Manage that is associated for Subscription
  • Now you will get all the subscription option available for you. You can switch to Student Membership Subscription validating your identity following the same steps we already discussed for new members

Android Users

  • Launch Apple Music application on your Android Device
  • Tap Menu Option (three small horizontal line, located on the top left corner)
  • Tap your Name
  • Select Manage Membership option
  • Tap Subscription, and rest of the steps will remain the same as for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you need any help regarding validation or registration on UNiDAYS website, visit their support page.