Top sites & apps to Listen online music for free

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Online Free Music Streaming sites

As far as online radio or Music streaming is concerned, there are so many online sites where you can play them. However, it’s hard to decide which one you should choose for everyday entertainment. Today we will mention some of the great sites here that allow playing Music or Radio online for free.

Please note that all the sites we are going to mention provides unlimited access to its music library, but they are ad supported and you may be limited to skip a limited number of songs only every hour.

Spotify (

You must have used Spotify, and it comes for free as long as you don’t mind Ads to appear in the player. The free version allows you to listen as many songs as you want, but you can skip a limited number of songs only. If you want unlimited access without ads, you can try Spotify Premium free for a month, and after a month of trial, you will need to pay $9.99+tax each month. With premium, you will also be able to save songs for offline access. Spotify is available for Mac, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS as well as Web Player.

Spotify is not available around the world, and a free subscriber can not use Spotify for more than 14 days in another country where Spotify is not available.

Sound Cloud (

Sound Cloud is very popular, not because of only free music, but popular among those who want their voice to reach around the world. You can search and listen millions of free online songs, record and upload your own music, and share them on social media by a simple click. You can also download its app for your Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

MusicMP3 (

Well, there are so many sites, but if you are want to listen to songs in good quality sound, Music MP3 is one of the best options. It has a huge collection of all kind of music that you would love listening to. You can stream there for free as long as you don’t intend to purchase any. Like most of the free sites, it won’t bug you with so many nonsense pop-up ads.

Tip : While using, if you want to listen to Pink’s songs, please type P!nk in the search box (not Pink).

Slacker Radio (

Slacker is probably the best radio station you can find on the web. You can create your account and start listening to your favorite music for free. However, a free account comes with some limitation, like you can’t skip more than 6 songs or save songs for offline access, it is ad supported. If you want to go premium, there are 2 plans; Radio Plus costs $3.99 and Premium account costs $9.99 each month.

Slacker Radio is available via browsers, or you can download its app for your Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Pandora (

Like Spotify, Slacker and many other online Music Streaming sites, Ad supported Pandora is also free and comes with limited skipping option. You can upgrade to Pandora one that costs $4.99 each month or $54.89 per year. It is available as the Web version, and apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Deezer (

Deezer has over 35 million songs that you can explore for free as long as you don’t mind ads and some restriction. Premium account comes as ad-free, and you can access your songs offline once you save it.

Last.FM (

Last.FM is one of the great sites that offers a variety of music for free. On top on that, you can join its community and check what others listeners are streaming. Available as Web Streaming, iOS, Android and Windows Phone app.

If you are looking for Some specific websites for Indian or Bollywood Music, these 2 are the most popular in India. Both the websites also have app for smartphones, and they also come with Premium Subscription to allow ad-free streaming and High-Quality audio.

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