Top 5 Indian Music Streaming Websites and Apps

We love listening to music, but most of us don’t want to pay for it. So we will tell you 5 sites that allow listening to almost all Bollywood songs for free, and you can also find some Hollywood music.

1. Saavn

Saavn Music Streaming

Saavn is at the top in our list, because of its simple user interface and high-quality audio files. The website loads quickly and doesn’t spoil users’ experience. If you don’t have a faster internet connection, you can still listen to music on Saavn, because they have songs available in higher and well as lower quality (16 kbps to 320 kbps). Free users are limited between 16 kbps to 128 kbps. They also have application for Android, iPhone, and Windows devices.

Pricing and Saavn Pro

Saavn website, as well as app both, are free to use as long as you don’t mind ads. Saavn Pro costs 99 INR each month in India, and if you want to subscribe from any other country, you will be charged $3.99. The pro version allows to save songs for offline play, and you also get ad-free access to high quality 320 kbps songs. You can use the same ID to access Pro version on 5 devices.

Note : All the songs are not available in 320 kbps sound quality, but you get ad-free access to all songs.

Saavn Web Player :

Saavn App : iOS Users   |   Android Users   |   Windows Users

2. Gaana

Gaana Indian Music

Gaana is another popular music website that even beats Saavn as far as web traffic is concerned. However, we listed it in the second position, because its web player is not good enough. It is slower and takes long to load whole content on the page. If your internet connection is not good, you are not recommended to visit this website. You can enjoy Gaana either via its application or internet browser, and they also have low as well as high-quality songs.

Pricing and Gaana Plus

Ad supported version of its app as well as website is free to use, and Ad-free Gaana Plus costs 99 INR each month in India. You can subscribe from any other country for $3.99 each month or $9.99 quarterly or $17.99 half-yearly or $33.99 yearly. So you get some discount when you subscribe for a longer period. Gaana plus allows to stream high-quality music files that can also be saved for offline access. You can use 5 devices to sync music, but make sure you use the same ID to enjoy the benefit of Gaana Plus

Gaana Web Player :

Gaana App : iOS Users   |   Android Users

3. Hungama

Hungama Bollywood free music

Hungama should have been more popular compared to other music streaming service providers, as they launched the website 6 to 7 years earlier than Gaana and Saavn. They missed the golden opportunity to bring more users to their platform, and it’s almost impossible now.

Hungama still has a great collection of music, and it’s also cost effective and available for all platform. You can use its web player or download the app for Android, iPhone as well as Windows devices.

Pricing and Hungama Premium

Hungama app can be downloaded and used for free if you don’t mind ads, or you can upgrade to Hungama Premium for $1.99 each month only. The premium version allows to stream ad-free songs, and download them to play offline without internet connection. They haven’t specified how many devices can be used. Hungama music app is not as good as Saavn and Gaana. So it’s better to try free version for a couple of days before you subscribe to the premium version.

Hungama Web Player :

Hungama App : iOS Users   |   Android Users   |   Windows Users

4. Raaga

 Raaga Stream Hindi Music

This website offers free streaming for all music files. There is no pro version that you can subscribe to, but they have got a large collection of music files that you can stream online. There is no ad-free version, and music files cannot be saved to play in offline mode. If you are looking for South Indian music, like Telugu, Tamil etc., you may like Raaga more than Saavn, Gaana or any other music streaming service.

Web Player :

Raaga App : iOS Users   |   Android Users   |   Windows Users

5. Music India Online (MIO)

Music India Online MIO

MusicIndiaOnline (MIO) also allows to stream music online for free, and the website is also user-friendly. However, sound quality is not good enough, but MIO is a great alternative for users with slower internet connection. They don’t have any application or pro version, and the website is not mobile friendly as well. So you can use MIO website only via computer.

Web Player :

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