The best Free Legal Music Downloader App for iPhone and Android

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Best Free Music Downloader App

When we talk about music downloading, the first thing it comes to our mind is piracy. There are so many music downloader apps, but most of them are not legal. Android users have many alternatives, but its rare to find such app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that allows to download music files for free and listen to them offline. However, we have got the best music downloader app for iOS and Android devices that you would love for sure.

Trebel Music – Free Music Downloader

This app is compatible with Android Devices, iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch. You need to have iOS 7.1 or later version installed on your device. If you are an Android user, your device must be running Android 4.4 or newer version. Here are some quick features of Trebel Music Downloader apps;

  1. Download Songs
  2. Download full album with one tap
  3. Play Download Music offline. WiFi or Cellular data is not required
  4. There is no limit, so you can download unlimited files, enabled by cashing technology, just like Spotify and other apps
  5. Discover music from Students, and download them
  6. Syncs with iTunes music connection, and bring them to Trebel Music

How to use Trebel Music Downloader app

  • Download the app from App store for iOS, and Android users can download from PlayStore.
  • Launch the app, and choose to login with FaceBook Account or with your email
  • Browse the Music You Want to Download and hit the Download option
  • Once Downloaded, tap on the Menu icon and select My Music
  • All the downloaded songs are saved under My Downloads option. You can hit My Downloads option, and play all the downloaded music from here
  • If you want to download Music files composed and sung by College or University Students, Tap on Menu icon, select Fun Stuff and then select Social

How come they allow to download music for free

While Downloading Music, Tredel Music Downloader app serve ads and also shows the notification that ads are served to support musicians. You will also see ads now and then, and under various options on the screen. You can use coins to enjoy ad-free music. You earn some coin whenever they sever ads to you. You can enjoy ad-free music when your device is not connected to the internet. All the downloaded songs can be played in offline mode.

How to get and use Trebel Music Downloader App if I am not in the United States

  • Android Users : Download the apk file from ApkPure clicking the link we have given under “how to use Trebel Music Section.” Install the app, but don’t run
  • iOS Users : Use vShare app to Download the app if you are in the US. If you are afraid of using vShare, you need to create a new ID and Select United States as a country. You can use Fake Details to fill the form that can be found on any Fake ID Generator website. Download the app, but don’t run it
  • Before you run App on Android or iPhone, you must use a VPN to connect to the United States Server. We have listed many free VPN Apps, you can use any of them
  • Make sure you are connected to US IP, and then launch the App. Don’t choose FaceBook to log in. Tap the option sign in with email. Now you can use your personal email or a temporary email to register
  • If you get the error that this app is not available in your area/country, close the app completely, and connect to a different US IP, and then launch the app again