Updated : How to use Spotify in Any Country, Sign up and Download Apps on Android and iPhone

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use stpotify from any country around the world

Spotify can be used outside of US and Europe, but there is a simple trick. I found many Questions while surfing internet that How to Play Spotify in India or China, and so on….. Spotify has no restriction as long as you have created a Spotify ID in the country where Spotify is available.

Ways to get a US Spotify ID (Can also be from any other country where Spotify Works)

Option 1 : If you have a friend stays in the US or any other country where Spotify is available, ask him/her to create an ID for  you, and you can simply sign in with that ID and enjoy Spotify.

Option 2 : Use One of the Best Free VPN to change the location on your mobile or Use Free Web Proxy on browser to sign up for Spotify. If you are using Google Chrome add “ZenMate” to your browser to change the location to US, and then sign up for Spotify and download the app. Let’s learn the step by step guide

How to sign up for Spotify from any Country, and Download/install the App on Android and iPhone

  • Launch a VPN app on your Smartphone
  • Connect to United States
  • Now visit Spotify.com
  • Sign up for Spotify with your email ID and other required detail
  • Note : Sign up was possible using SmartPhone’s Spotify app as well, but we just wanted to guide that you can do it even with computer’s browser using any VPN extension
  • Android App for Spotify : Android users can download Spotify apk file here
  • iPhone Users : You can’t install Apple Spotify on your iPhone unless you use another Apple ID associated with any country (i.e. United States) where Spotify is officially available. That’s why I have created a dummy ID with US address to give demo to our visitors. I use both the ID on App Store without any issue, and also download apps. You can also try vShare to install Spotify
  • Once you install Spotify, launch the application, login with the ID and Password, and enjoy
  • Note : Spotify will stop working after 14 days, so read the guide how to use Spotify in abroad after 14 days

Watch a quick demo video if you face any issue while signing up for Spotify and installing application