Free Web Proxy Sites to unblock blocked sites

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Free Proxy Sites

There are times when we want to access websites that are blocked or some websites that have restrictions. In such situation, you need to tell the server you are not browsing from the country you are, but a different country.

Some examples that can be resolved by Free Web Proxy sites

  • You are in a country (ex: Pakistan or UAE) where YouTube or any other site is not accessible
  • You want to read an article on New York Time (NYT), but you have reached the free quota to read articles, and now it asks to subscribe paying the subscription free
  • Any specific website or web page doesn’t load properly in your country/IP/Internet Service Provider
  • Unblock country specific video on YouTube or any other website
  • Unblock games that you can’t play due to any restriction

Such issues can be resolved easily with Free Web Proxy sites as well as Free VPN. There are paid subscription options as well for premium service, but we will talk about the free one only. Most of the Free Web Proxy Sites work the same way. You can visit the website, enter the URL, and starts browsing.

Google Web Proxy as Translation to bypass NYT Paywall

We have tested Google, and it fails to unblock sites. However, it can bypass New York Times PayWall, and allow to read more articles than your free quota. To use this service, please use the URL below and replace with the desired URL

Google’s Translation tool to translate and Unblock Blocked Sites

  • Visit
  • Enter the desired URL in the given field
  • Leave from as detect language, and select the desired language into field
  • Click on Translate, and this will open the site (even blocked one). However, you can choose to translate an English site into English. If you do so, you will get an error

List of Web Proxy sites to unblock a blocked site

We have mentioned enough free Web Proxy sites for you. All are tested and works fine. Please comment below if you find any of them stopped working. All of them are free and doesn’t cost anything.

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Best Extension for Google Chrome to unblock sites

If you are Google Chrome user, you add ZenMate  extension to the browser. It will be added to your Chrome browser. It will require one-time free registration. Register and log in, and you are done.

  • Add ZenMate Extension to Chrome
  • Click on ZenMate extension on Chrome (located at the top right corner of Chrome browser)
  • Turn it on switching the button towards right
  • Click on the Flag (middle one), select the desired location
  • You get four location for free; US, HongKong, Romania, and Germany. They offer 10 days free premium trial, it doesn’t require you to put any payment information. Thereafter, you can enjoy free service if you don’t want to pay

If you are using ZenMate, you don’t need to keep looking for proxy sites on your computer. Do remember that ZenMate no longer provides free apps for Smartphones, the free option is limited to computers only. Read out article about free VPN app if you are looking for an app for smartphone

Note : We don’t recommend using/entering any sensitive information via proxy sites, VPN app or Extension. If you do so, please do it at your own risk. We hold no responsibility.