How to use Spotify in any country breaking the restriction of 14 days

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How to use spotify overseas after 14 days

Earlier we posted a guide how Spotify can be used and its app can be downloaded from any country (using mobile as well as computer). However, Spotify doesn’t allow to use its app or music service overseas after 14 days. Only the paid users can use as long as they want. We have a solution for you, and it’s quite simple.

Solution : You need to use an app that changes the location (IP) of your mobile/computer.

I have tested a couple of apps on Smartphone, and Extension on a computer, but many of them fails to resolve the issue. However, ZenMate seems to be the best free VPN app for Android and iPhone. If you are trying to get access to Spotify after 14 days via computer, ZenMate Chrome extension will resolve the issue, else install ZenMate VPN app on your device.

Spotify 14 days

How to unblock Spotify in any country or abroad from a SmartPhone if you lose access after 14 days

  • Install one of the best free VPN, ZenMate or any other application on your Android or iPhone
  • Launch VPN application, and connect to the United States.

Zenmate VPN

  • Now launch Spotify application on your Device, and log in with your ID and Password
  • That’s it, and you got access to Spotify
  • Now you can use Spotify without enabling VPN
  • Now you have 14 days more to use Spotify overseas, and you need to follow the same steps again after 14 days when you loose access
  • Note : It’s not mandatory that you must use Zenmate. You can use any VPN as long as it can change your virtual location to the United States

Still facing issue? Watch the demo video

How to Unblock Spotify Access abroad from a computer after 14 days

Good Luck!