Spotify Premium at 50% discount $4.99 : Students Only

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Spotify Premium for Student

Spotify was running an offer earlier that gave many new Spotify subscribers a chance to get Spotify Premium for $0.99 only with 3 months trial. However, that offer is no longer available, and now the usual offer gives all Spotify Subscriber free one month trial for its premium service, and thereafter $9.99 a month subscription fee will be applicable.

Spotify Premium for Student at 50% Discount ($4.99 each month)

Earlier Apple announced a discount for Student for Apple Music Service. So Apple Music for Student became available for $4.99. Now Spotify has also started offering the same discount for students to match Apple Pricing. However, Apple Music subscriber still gets 3 months free trial where Spotify offers just a month free trial. If you are a student, and still using the free Spotify with limited features, you can upgrade to Spotify Premium for Student, and enjoy the best from Spotify for $4.99 only. Please note that Spotify has not mentioned anything about one month free trial under Student Offer, so they may start charging right after the activation. You can contact Spotify Support team for clarification.

Some quick terms and conditions for Spotify Premium for Student

  • You must be a student at a U.S. Title IV accredited institution located in the United States
  • All students will have to submit valid documentation to proof that he/she is a qualifying student to get the discount
  • The discount will be valid for up to 12 months, and a qualifying student can resubmit the information up to 3 times to get the discount again. That means you can get up to 36 months of Student discount, but don’t forget to resubmit the documents, else they will automatically start charging $9.99 unless you cancel or activate Student Discount
  • If a Student cancel Spotify Premium between discounted period, he/she can reactivate it, but the subscriber will get only remaining discount offer (not the whole 12 months again)
  • The Spotify Premium Student Discount can be activated for one account only
  • A limited number of students will get the discount, that means you need to activate it as soon as possible, else you may miss the opportunity

Please Click Here to check More Information on Spotify Student Discount Offer.

Spotify Premium will give unlimited ad-free access to millions of music that you can stream on Spotify. You can also save songs for offline access, and you can save data. The premium service also comes with better sound quality and unlimited skip option. You can visit this page to subscribe to Spotify Premium for Student, and enjoy premium service at 50% discount, $4.99 each month.