Play Snake Game online or get the free app for iPhone or Android

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Play Snake Game Online with Slitherio

Snake games are very popular, and we have already enjoyed it on traditional game players and Nokia Phones. Nokia 6110 was the first Nokia Phone that came with preinstalled Snake Game in 1997, and then they brought many devices that had this game. However, Snake Games have been modified and redesigned by many developers, and now you can find this game in various versions.

Snake Game From

You may find many version of Snake Game online, and also in the Google Play Store or App Store, but nothing can beat the Snake game from They have got cool graphic and simple game play that you would love to try.

How to Play Snake Game on

Works on Mac, PCs, iPhone, Android or any device with an internet browser. Mobile users are recommended to use App for better experience

  • Visit from your computer, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Enter a Nick Name, and hit the Play button
  • Now the game will start, and Enjoy Playing
  • On the top right corner, you get the option to use High or Low Graphic. If your internet speed is not good, use Low Graphic mode (Applicable for Computers only)
  • To change the Snake color or use custom skin for Snake, you will have to share their page on any of the Social Media Page (Applicable for Computer only)

Slither Web Skin

How to Make More Points on Snake Game

  • Eat to grow longer
  • Don’t run into other players
  • When longer, hold the mouse for a speed boost (mobile user, Tap once, and then tap again and hold to use speed boost)
  • Don’t run longer in speed boost mode. The longer you run, the shorter you get. Use speed boosts when needed
  • Your won’t die if you run into your own tail. So don’t get afraid to do so when you are about to run into another player
  • You will die only when your face run into another player, but when others run into yours, you have nothing to worry
  • When you are about to hit a player, make a little turn so that other player’s head get hit. When a player dies, you will have so much to eat, so do it to grow longer
  • You don’t need to be the longest snake to win the game, but you need to hold on and stay longer

Download Snake Game App for Android and iOS

Download here for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Download here for Android Smartphone or Tablet

The app is free to download and use, but it serves ads. If you want to get rid of ads, you can pay $3.99 (it is available as in-app purchase. You won’t find a separate Pro version of this app).

Offline and Online Mode Snake Game

If you are using an Android or iPhone device, you can play in offline mode as well without an internet connection. However, Online mode allows to Play against a real online player, and you will be playing against the computer in Offline Mode. You can tap on Play Against A.I. option to play without internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection to your device (or you have disabled internet access for this app) while using offline mode of the game, no ads will pop up on the screen.