15 Best Paid Games for Android and iOS Devices

There are so many free as well as paid games that you can find on Google Play and App Store. However, free gaming apps come with annoying ads and some limited features. There are many awesome games that aren’t available in free version. So we have brought you some of the best paid games for Android and iOS devices.

Top 15 Best Paid Games for iPhone and Android

  • The Room Three : $4.99

Over 49,000 users have reviewed the game in the Google PlayStore leaving the average rating 4.9. So you can understand how amazing this game could be. You will feel a unique tactile experience in this puzzle game, you can even feel the surface of all objects. The Room Three game comes in a form of elaborate boxes that you can unlock using codes, keys, and logic sound. The objects in the game have clues and other material to solve the puzzle that you need to discover. The game includes high definition graphic and its weighs over 1GB for iOS and over 500MB for Android. However, It will still consume over 1 GB on Android after the installation.

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  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition : $6.99

The game is paid, but it has still been downloaded by millions of users, and it is one of the best-rated game. Minecraft let you explore the randomly generated world where you can build things you love. You can build a castle or a small home, It all depends on your creativity what you can do. Minecraft can be played in survival mode as well as Creative mode. The creative mode allows you to make use of unlimited resources. Minecraft has also integrated an optional feature “Realm” to play it with your friends. Minecraft Realm allows you to create your virtual word that will always be online. You can add up to 10 friends and play game with them. However, this optional feature comes with a subscription fee that costs $3.99/month for you and your 2 friends. If you want to add more friends, you need to pay $7.99/month for you and your 10 friends. Minecraft Realm comes with a month free trial.

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  • Monument Valley : $3.99

Monument Valley is a Puzzle game that comes with a 3D world to explore. The game features cool 3D graphical monuments, and you are required to reach a specific destination to clear each level. The app is easy to play, and you will see an architectural design in each level. Sometimes clearing level may seem impossible, but it’s a real fun. Before you start moving the princes (game character), you need to make a plan which way you should go to reach the destination.

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  • Modern Combat 4 – Zero Hour : $6.99

The world is in the hand of few soldiers who need to rescue world’s leader from a Terrorist Group. If you are among those who love playing war and shooting games, you would love Modern Combat Zero Hour for sure. The game features high-quality graphic and an amazing gaming experience that will keep you entertained. The game developed and sold by Gameloft in the Google PlayStore and App Store.

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  • Grand Theft Auto (GTA) – San Andreas : $6.99


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released around 3 years ago for Android and iOS devices, and the game is still popular among users. The game is about a character “Carl Johnson” who leaves the city because of the corruption, crime, and pressure in life. He returns after 5 years when his mother was murdered, his family is in trouble, and friends are heading towards destruction. On his return, some corrupt cops try to set him up for homicide. Now the story begins… According to Google Play report, the game has been downloaded by over a million users, and it is 4.4 rated.

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  • Hitman – Sniper : $0.99 (80% off for limited time)

This game is currently sold for $0.99 only. This discounted price is valid for a limited time, and it will go back to its usual price. If you have watched the movie, you will already have an idea about this game. Now you can act like Agent 47, and enjoy the thrilling snipping gaming experience. The are 150+ missions and different contracts to complete. There are 17 types of weapons that you can use, but you will have to unlock them.

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  • Castle of Illusion : $4.99


Castle of Illusion is an Adventure game that is available for Android as well as iOS devices. In this game, you will act as Mickey Mouse who is on a mission to rescue Minnie. Minnie has been kidnapped by an evil witch. You have to face all challenges and dangers of Castle of Illusions and save Minnie from the witch.

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  • Riptide GP – Renegade : $2.99


Do you love racing games? If the answer is Yes, then you must try Riptide GP Renegade. You will act as a hydrojet rider who is forced to ride through flooded ruins, city waterways, and other places. As you complete levels, you will discover more features and customization options. You can participate in 8-player online game and race. Don’t forget to keep yourself logged in on your smartphone’s gaming center app to sync gaming data.

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  • Leo’s Fortune : $2.99

Leo’s Fortune is a must-play game for those who love to play Adventure Games. It features cool but dangerous environment where Leo moves. The thief has stolen Leo’s treasure and dropped pieces of Gold here and there in the Wood. Leo follows the trail to get its treasure back and also collects those dropped pieces of Gold on the way. You will have to move travel this journey very careful, a mistake can cost Leo’s life. There are many levels to clean in this game.

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  • Temple Run Oz : $1.99 (No Longer Available)

Temple Run Oz is a running game like the originally Temple Run, but includes some awesome movie environment and Oz character that you will love for sure. You will discover new environment as you clear levels. You need to run and collect coins in this game. You can also fly in a hot balloon, play as China girl, and see Oz in various costumes. The game has been developed and sold by Disney.

  • Infinite Flight – A Flight Simulator App : $4.99

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator application that can be used as a gaming application on Android and iPhone. This application gives players tools to fly 33 aircraft, but please note that 15 of them are locked and they can be unlocked via in-app purchase. The app has included features like a real aircraft. You can discover many major Airports, and regions that include thousands of square kilometer space. There are many other features, e.g. Instrument Landing System, Autopilot, Weight and Balance Control, Logbook, Flight Planner etc..

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  • This War of Mine : $14.99

This game by 11 bit studios is inspired by real war situation. You don’t act as a hero or soldier in this game, but a civilian who try to survive the war and also help other survivors. You can’t go outside during day time because of Snippers, so you can choose a survival to go with you at night to collect things to keep you and other survived. You can choose to provide shelter to everyone that will consume more resources and it will be hard to survive soon. You can sacrifice some of the survivors to keep others live longer, or die together. Life-and-death depends on your decision. It could be tough to make a decision when you think emotionally during the war. It’s not a fun game, but it’s worth to pay. You will be lost in this game, and you would love it.

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  • World of Goo : $4.99

World of Goo is a Puzzle game that is sold by 2D Boy. You will explore many different beautiful but dangerous levels with new puzzles and the creatures that live in them. The world of Goo is awesome and mysterious. There are many new species of Goo Ball, and each of them has a unique ability that you need to discover. The app is 4.7 rated in the PlayStore and it has been downloaded by over 500,000 users.

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  • LIMBO : $4.99

Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO, and then the adventure begins. The game is full of adventure and puzzle. The game environment and the character are little creepy, but this is what makes it unique from other games. The game has been developed by Paydead, and they have really built a cool game that anyone in search of a new game would love to play.

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  • Lara Croft Go : $4.99 ($0.99 on PlayStore for a limited time)

Lara Croft Go By Square Enix Inc is an Adventure+puzzle game. You will explore ruins, fight enemies, and overcome obstacles. There are over 101 puzzles that have been divided into 6 chapters. You also need to collect ancient relics to get new outfits for Lara. The game usually costs $4.99, but it is being sold for $0.99 only on the Google PlayStore. Once the offer expires you will pay its usual price. There is no offer for iPhone users, so they will still need to Pay the full amount.

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