Top Free Running Games Like Temple Run For Android and iPhone

Temple Run is one of the most popular games that gave running games a new life. There are 2 versions of official Temple Run game; Temple Run 1 and Temple Run 2. You may find even 3rd and 4th version, but those are not from its maker (Imangi Studios). However, we are not here to talk about Temple Run game, but rest of the popular running games.

Best Running Games Like Temple Run for iPhone and Android

Subway Surfers


This game has been developed and sold by Kiloo on Google Play and App Store. This game was initially released in May 2012, 9 months after Temple Run launch. Subway Surfers install counts appear as “500-million to 1-billion” in the Google Play Store, so you can assume how popular this game is. Whether you are an Android user or iOS user, you can get this game and play for free. Subway Surfers offers in-app purchase that can be used when you are stuck at some point (level) in the game. It features cool graphic; colorful trains, buildings etc.. You can run, and also surf hoverboard.

Download Subway Surfers : iOS Users    |    Android Users 

Sonic Dash and Sonic Dash 2


You must have played Sonic Games in your childhood, and now the fun continues as Sonic Dash game. Sonic Dash game is easy and fun to play. All you have to do it download the game to your smartphone and tablet, launch it, enter your age, and you can start playing. Run as Sonic, collect coins, jump and slide to avoid barriers, destroy obstacles etc.. You can invite your friends via FaceBook account, and compete. Along with collecting coins, you also get rewarded after each mission completion. You also get one free spin every 14 hours to win some cool stuff that you can use to upgrade the game character. There are also in-app purchase options that can be used to buy upgrade items.

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Sonic Dash 2 is the upgraded version of original Sonic Dash game that was released over 2 years later after the launch of its first version. The second version of this game comes with some more powers and features. You can race with up to 3 characters as a team. Now you can run with the new magical sprites. The game environment has also been changed to make to look unique.

Download Sonic Dash 2 : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Despicable Me : Minion Rush


If you are looking for a running game with the best graphic, Despicable Me  is the one you must try. This game has been developed by Gameloft, and it is available for Android and iOS devices. The game environment looks like a movie, and you would love the cute minions in this game. You can compete with other players in Minion Races, and use power-ups and hilarious weapons to beat your opponents. You will enjoy the unexpected moment of Riding the Fluffy Unicorn or Gru’s Rocket and Becoming a Mega-Minion. It also lets you record screen while playing the game, and the recorded screen can be saved to smartphone or share on social media. Your job is to run, collect all bananas, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, hit all minions you get in your way, earn tokens and upgrade.

Download Despicable Me Minion Rush : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Zombie Tsunami Running Game


When many app developers are copying other games to make their own running game, Mobigame has done something different. Zombie Tsunami is was released in March 2012, and this is one of the best-rated game in the Google Play and App Store. You play as a Zombie, and you can keep eating pedestrians and other people on the way and make them Zombie to add to your hoard. You are allowed to add as many Zombies as you can. You can go as far as you can until the last Zombie dies, and that doesn’t need to be the same Zombie you started with. There are 10 power-ups that you can collect, and destroy everything comes in your way. There are over 300 missions to explore that should be enough to kill your free time.

Download Zombie Tsunami Game Now : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Survival Run with Bear Grylls


It is an awesome running game from F84 Game that iOS and Android users can enjoy for free. There are 8 characters to choose from, but you get just one without any effort, and rest of the characters need to be unlocked. You can do much more than running in this game. There are many powerups that can be used to run faster, fly etc.. There are simple controls like other running games, you can swipe left or right to control direction, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide. All you have to do is collect coins and upgrade yourself to clear the level. Whether you are running, swimming or flying, you can get coins on your way, keep collecting.

Download Survival Run Now : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Spirit Run


Spirit Run game comes with many characters to choose from. However, you are given 1 character to play, and rest of the characters need to be purchased with coins or gems. Coins can be collected while running in the game, and you will also get some gems on your way. Don’t spend gems for any other purpose if you want to use it to buy a character because gems are rare to find, else you will have to use in-app purchase. While running in the game, you can transform yourself into animal and run. However, your transformation remains active just for few seconds, and you will get the option again as you keep running.

Download Spirit Run : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Angry Gran Run


There are 2 games that you will find with the similar name; Angry Gran Run and Angry Gran RadioActive Run. Both the running games are made by Ace Viral. However, I didn’t like the RadioActive version of the game. In this game, you will run as an angry granny. You have to avoid obstacles by sliding, jumping and tilting. Collect coins on your way, and don’t be afraid to hit children. You earn additional coins whenever you hit children, but avoid rest of the obstacles, else you will lose your life. Granny look can be customized, but it will require you to spend coins or gems. Every day you get a mission to complete that keep player motivated, and make them play more and more.

Download Angry Gran Run : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Talking Tom Gold Run


Talking Tom Gold Run by Outfit Limited 7 is a fun running game. In this game, you have been robbed, and you will have to run after the robber, recover your gold, and build your dream home. It includes fun activity, like running, jumping, passing through a subway, collecting coins by running as well as flying. You must have used Talking Tom app where Tom repeats the word you say, and now you can make this cute character run. The game has been downloaded by over 10-million users, and it is 4.5 rated in the Google Play Store.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run Now : iOS Users   |   Android Users

Bus Rush


The user interface of Bus Rush game will remind you Talking Tom Gold Run. This game is also available for iPhone and Android devices. Android users get 10 characters to choose from, but iOS users are limited to 4 characters. Getting a new character will require coin that you can earn while playing the game. There are many power-ups, like Jetpack, Coin Magnet, Board, Super Shoes etc., and these power-ups can be purchased using earned coins or you can also get some on your way while running. Launch game each day to get daily gifts. The game has over 50-millions installs and rated 4 out of 5 in the Google Play Store.

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