What to do on Internet when you’re bored : Fun Things

Internet is very useful to find information and stuffs that you need. Checking books take more time, and Internet has made it easier and quicker. You must have heard of a saying; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Along with this saying, there is also fact that anyone can get bored while working on internet for a long time. So you need to have fun too along with work. The best idea to have fun is going outside with your friends and loved ones. If there is any issue going outside, you can still have fun on the internet. There are so many websites to keep you entertained, and you won’t have to spend any money for such fun or entertainment.

What to do on Internet when you’re bored

The answer to this question is : “Have Fun on Internet”

Well, it’s only you who understands what you like the most. Some may love to watch movies, some may prefer to enjoy cartoon or animation stuffs, and some love to play games. We will try to cover as much as we can.

List of websites and fun things to do there

1. Watch videos : YouTube.Com

I understand many users don’t really enjoy watching movies, but YouTube has a variety of videos that you can enjoy. Charlie Chaplin Films and shorts videos can make a sad face smile, and if you love animation, Masha and the Bear could be the best TV Episodes to watch, or get to know the most popular YouTube Videos. There are much more to do on YouTube, it has got video for everyone whether you are a teenager or an old man. Just type the search term, hit Enter, and enjoy the videos of your choice.

2. Meet the Genius Akinator

Visit Akinator.com, Imagine a Character, and click Play. Enter you own age, hit Play button. Akinator will ask your some questions related to the character, and it will try to guess the answer.


3. Fun with Google

Google is not just a search engine, it is also fun. Learn some Tips and Tricks, or Make Google do a barrel roll, or Make Google Move and Break it into pieces with Google Gravity Tricks.

4. Get to know the number #1 song on the day you came to this world

Have you ever wondered what was the number one song on the day when you were born? I assume, No. Playback.fm, and select your birth date, month and year, and hit Find #1 Song. It will show you the most popular song of that date, along with YouTube Video underneath.

Number one birthday son

5. Find the invisible cow

findtheinvisiblecow.com is a fun website. Make sure your computer’s sound is turned on, and hit Start Game button. You will start listening to Cow sound on a blank page. You need to click here and there on the black page following the sound. if yo click on the right place, Cow will appear on the screen.

6. Funny images, videos and quotes

Looking for some funny images, videos and quotes? UberHumor is a great place to look for. The post new images, videos and quotes everyday. You can spend some fun time with them for sure.

7. Cartoon your Photo or put a smile

whether you want to put a funny smile to your face or apply cartoon effect to your Photo. Cartoon.pho.to is the best place. All try to make themselves smart, you try something funny. In the end, happiness matters.

8. Book reading

Some people love reading, and if you are one of them, you can read all kind of books for free. Visit Google Books Search, and type the book name or a search term to find the kind of book you like. Google allows to read those books for free. If you want to download Books, you can visit free-ebooks.net, and download them.

9. Listen to music for free

You can use YouTube to listen to the best collection of music, but it will make you watch videos as well that some may not like. For Audio Songs, there are various apps that can be used, like Spotify, Deezer etc.. If you want to listen online without app, you can try musicmp3.ru, soundcloud.com. Mac users can enjoy thousands of free iTunes Internet Radio.

10. Play games

If you are one of them who love playing games, there are so many websites that come with free gameplay features. If you haven’t tried 8 Ball Pool and Bowling King from MiniClip.Com, you must try such games. These games can be played with available online users. So you would be playing with real people. They also have apps for smartphones that you can install on your smartphone, and play without visiting their website.

11. Learn new cooking recipes

If you are getting bored, you can probably think about cooking something new that you haven’t tried earlier. However, you need to know the recipes. You can visit, allrecipes.com or cookinglight.com to learn the recipes of some new and tasty food.

12. Learn new languages

Keep yourself away from boredom. Instead of killing time, you  can learn new languages for free. If you go to classes, you will have to pay money, but you can learn online for free. Try these websites for new language learning;





13. Play Music Instruments online

Do you like playing Music Instruments? If yes, you are going to love this. You can Play Piano, Guitar, Drums virtually on these two websites. It’s completely free to use.



14. Solve Puzzles

Try your brain, and solve the puzzles. There are different kind of puzzles you can find online, it could be in the form of questions and answers, Photo or anything else. We have two very interesting websites that you must try in your free time.



15. Learn some cool magic tricks

Who don’t love magic? Learn some cool magic tricks that you can show to your friends, and they will get surprised how you did that. It could be a Spoon Bend trick, Playing Cards tricks or something else. Try these URLs to learn;




Some more interesting websites

We have also written a separate article with a list of some cool websites, you can also try those to have fun.

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