Visit these interesting and cool websites when you get bored?

We live a life where entertain gets lost somewhere and we don’t even realize. Skipping the tech products and news, I am going to tell you some interesting and cool websites that will entertain you for sure. You may already know some of these sites, but some of them would be new that you can enjoy. I have also added some internet technology websites name that allows you to watch or do hilarious stuffs

How Old Are You?

This website is just for fun. You can upload your image, and it will guess your age. If you upload your normal image, it will tell you almost correct age. However, if you are much tired in the image, it will increase the age. In the same way it decreases your age if you look quite younger in the picture.

This is Why I am Broke

There are products that you will get surprised to see, and those are unique in design. Have your heard of a coffee mug shaped like camera lens or Rainbow Shower? Yes, there are many products of such kind that you can enjoy on this cool website.

Daily Look (For Women)

Daily look tells the women how to be trendy, what to wear on the beach, party, street style fashion and many more. It provides how to tips as well along with videos and many more. Its kind of DIY Fashion Site, and you can also shop online on DailyLook.

The Useless Website

The useless website has nothing on its page except one link. Every time you click on the link, you will find a new interesting and cool website. Something that you can not expect and you may have not tried before. It’s really cool and fun.

interesting and cool websites

Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer gives you the typing experience you never had before. It’s funny and interesting. if you type in front of any people who don’t know about this site will freak out and will think you are a programmer or hacker.

MiniClip (Free Online Games)

You must have visited many gaming sites, but MiniClip is just amazing. It’s a great fun website for game lovers. If you play games, you must have played MiniClip’s 8-Ball Pool and challenged your friends online. It also has apps for smartphones. There are so many fun games to play online, and all at no cost.

miniclip fun websites for free online games

Jukin Video

It is a YouTube Channel that uploads real funny short clips. You will find many funny video clips on their channel that can make you laugh. I used to pronounce “Junky” :D. However, I realized later, it’s not Junky but Jukin.


It’s another websites that has a library of so many funny videos that you can enjoy.

The Oatmeal

One of my favorite funny and cool websites. You will love its comics as well as cartoon characters in the comics. You can also enjoy its fun Quizzes. You can see one of the comic sample below.

Funny websites interesting and cool websites

Want to listen free music online in high quality without restriction and annoying pop-ups and ads? is a cool place. Don’t go by extension “ru” that indicates a Russian site. It has a huge collection of English songs categorized by Genre, artist, album etc., and you can also use its search option to search your favorite one.

Music Mp3 Ru Free online music


It allows you to watch the world change over the course of nearly three decades. You can watch satellite images that explains how a place looked like in the past. We all know that a picture worths thousands words, so that should explain well.


Free Rice

It’s a website to play quiz, but it’s not all about quiz. For each correct answer you give, they donate 10 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program.

Live Plasma

You can search your favorite songs or movies here, but what makes Live Plasma different is building the interactive map around your favorite play.

LIve Plasma Cool Website


Getting bored and wants to talk to someone? Omegle is a great place to talk to strangers. No Sign up! No information needed! Just go to this cool website, and select whether you want to have text chat or video chat. It also has one adult section that is for adult chat only. Don’t try Omegle in front of your elders or family members. It should be clean, but there are some stupid people who can show up nude now and then.

Be Funky

You can turn you photo in a real art, make cartoon of you photo, add effects, make collage and do much more with your photos with BeFunky.Com .

make art of your photos

Cheez Burger

If you want to check out real funny images, you can visit This website has a huge collection of funny quotes and images that you can also share you social network.


It’s just a fun thing to see. Once you are on the page, it will feel a dog is licking your laptop’s screen. This kind of internet technology is good to see, but not useful.

Fun websites dog licking laptop display

Cat Bounce

Have you ever seen cats bouncing? It’s just for entertain, and all you can do is watch the cats bouncing that looks cool.

Cat Bounce


You can splatter paint anywhere on the screen. Every time you click, the color will change.

splatter paint online On a fun and cool website

Pop Virtual Bubble

This is something that we always try whenever we get a bubble wrapper. Here you can pop virtual bubbles and it also counts how many bubble you popped, and shows the timing.

Pop virtual Bubble

Escape Motions

It allows you to draw/paint with fire brush. You can draw anything you want, like I did in below image.

Draw with fire

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