55 Episodes of Masha and the Bear Videos in English or Russian : Watch & Download

Masha and the Bear is a Russian TV Series that is known as Маша и Медведь in the Russian language. All videos are animated that children love. All the videos of this series move around 2 characters; Masha and Bear. Masha is a little girl who is in the habit of making a mess. She has got a very witty act to do, and the Bear keeps trying to control her and fails. All the videos of this series are amazing, and you would love it for sure.

Even if you are not a child, you must watch ones, and you will forget the rest of the funny cartoons. I tried to collect all Videos in English, but it was not possible. There are just a few Videos in English Language, so I had to add Russians too to complete the full episodes. However, I don’t really think Language matters for such videos, because these videos are all about acting, and the characters rarely speak.

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Masha and the Bear Full Series English/Russian Videos

Episode1 : How They Met – English

Episode 2 : Don’t Wake Till Spring – English

Episode 3 : One, Two Three, Light the Christmas Tree! – English

Episode 4 : Tracks of unknown Animals – English

Episode 5 : Prances with Wolves – English

Episode 6 : День варенья (Jam Day) – Russian

Episode 7 : Springtime for Bear – English

Episode 8 : Ловись рыбка! (Gone Fishing!) – Russian

Episode 9 : Позвони мне, позвони! (Call me Please!) – Russian

Episode 10 : Holiday on Ice – English

Episode 11 : Первый раз в первый класс (First Day of School) – Russian

Episode 12 : Граница на замке (No trespassing) – Russian

Episode 13 : Кто не спрятался, я не виноват (Hide and seek is not for the Weak) – Russian

Episode 14 : Лыжню! (Watch Out!) – Russian

Episode 15 : Дальний родственник (Little Cousin) – Russian

Episode 16 : Будьте здоровы! (Get Well Soon!) – Russian

Episode 17 : Recipe for Disaster – English

Episode 18 : Большая стирка (Laundry Day) – Russian

Episode 19 : Репетиция оркестра (The Grand Piano Lesson) – Russian 

Episode 20 : Усатый-Полосатый (Stripes and Whiskers) – Russian

Episode 21 : Home Alone – English

Episode 22 : Дышите! Не дышите! (Breathe in, Breathe out!) – Russian

Episode 23 : Подкидыш (The Foundling) – Russian

Episode 24 : Приятного аппетита (Bon Appétit) – Russian

Episode 25 : Фокус-покус (Hocus-Pocus) – Russian

Episode 26 : Осторожно, ремонт! (Construction In Progress) – Russian

Episode 27 : Картина маслом (Oil Painting) – Russian

Episode 28 : Ход конем (Knight’s Move) – Russian

Episode 29 : Хит сезона (Hit of the Season) – Russian

Episode 30 : Витамин роста (Growth Vitamin) – Russian

Episode 31 : Новая метла (Swept Away) – Russian

Episode 32 : Когда все дома (All in the Family) – Russian

Episode 33 : Сладкая жизнь (Sweet Life) – Russian

Episode 34 : Фотография 9 на 12 ( Shoot Me or 9 by 12 Photo) – Russian

Episode 35 : Трудно быть маленьким (Kidding Around) – Russian

Episode 36 : Двое на одного (Two Much) – Russian

Episode 37 : Большое путешествие (Bon Voyage) – Russian

Episode 38 : Нынче всё наоборот (Today the Opposite is True) – Russian

Episode 39 : Сказка на ночь (The Thriller Night) – Russian

Episode 40 : страшная сила (The Horrible Power) – English

Episode 41 : Дело в шляпе (In the Bag) – Russian

Episode 42 : День кино (Cinema Day) – Russian

Episode 43 : Героями не рождаются (Self-Made Hero) – Russian

Episode 44 : Раз в году (Once a Year) – English

Episode 45 : Запутанная история (Complicated Story) – Russian

Episode 46 : Учитель танцев (Dancing Master) – Russian

Episode 47 : Крик победы (Creek Win) – Russian

Episode 48 : (Пещерный медведь) Cave Bear – Russian

Episode 49 : Дорогая передача (Dear Transmission) – Russian

Episode 50 : Праздник Урожая (Harvest Festival) – Russian

Episode 51 : Неуловимые мстители (Home-Grown Ninja) – Russian

Episode 52 : До новых встреч! (Until We Meet Again) – Russian

Episode 53 : На круги своя (In the Circle) – Russian

Episode 54 : В гостях у сказки (Visiting a Fairy Tale) – Russian

Episode 55 : Эх, прокачу! (Oh, Let’s Ride!) – Russian

How to Download all these Masha and the Bear Videos

Videos are from YouTube as well as Vimeo. So there are different ways to download from both sources.

Download YouTube Videos of Masha and the Bear

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Download Masha and Bear YouTube

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  • Paste the URL in the Video URL to Download Field
  • Click Continue
  • Download in the desired format

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