Antutu 6.0 goes official for iOS, Apple A9 scores more than Snapdragon 820

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iOS Antutu 6 Screenshot 6s plus

After a long period of leak and development phase, Antutu 6.0 has gone official for iOS devices. Now it benchmarks iOS devices in proper way. It used to benchmark graphic performance of iPhone 6 and later version with 640 x 1136 pixels only, but now it does with 1080 pixels. It comes with new screens and the new method of calculating scores to show the most accurate benchmarking.

According to last shown Apple A9 benchmark, it scored 123567, but Antutu 6.0 was in development phase that time. Antutu released its 6.0.0 version today for iOS devices that can be downloaded from iTunes or App store now. We just tested iPhone 6S Plus, and it scored 132692, that surpasses Snapdragon 820 benchmark. Qualcomm’s sample model with Snapdragon 820 scored 131648. 

Note : iPhone 6s Plus that we tested, features Apple A9 14nm Chip manufactured by Samsung

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In 2016, there would be so many high-end devices, and Snapdragon 820, Kirin 950, Exynos 8890 and Apple A9 chipsets would be the primary attraction for users. iPhones have never been that good in terms of benchmark score, but no longer now. Apple A9 dual-core CPU has turned out a games changer. It arrived in 2015, but it may still beat those chips arriving in 2016. We expected that score made by Snapdragon 820 in Antutu 6.0 is the best, but this is not the case. Apple A9 still leads.