Apple A9 chip Scores the highest in Antutu 6.0 Benchmark test

You may have not heard of Antutu 6.0 version, but it is being developed, and will be released soon. So far Antutu 5 is available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Once it’s is released you will be able to download and run benchmark test.

Earlier we published an article where Apple A9 was leader in Geekbench 3 benchmark test, and now a new report posted by Antutu Shows that Apple A9 and Apple A8X chip leads in Antutu benchmarking test as well. Apple A9X benchmark test has not be performed, else it would have been at the top for sure.

Antutu 6.0 will bring many improvement to show the most accurate benchmark according to device’s performance. In the test performed by Antutu shows that Apple A9 and A8X tops the benchmark test with 123567 and 98901 score respectively. Kirin 950 got the second position, Exynos 7420 managed to stay at the fourth position, Snapdragon 810 is at 5th, Apple A8 hold the 6 position, and so on….  You can check the screenshot below.

Apple A9 and A8X tops in benchmarking test

This benchmark also makes one thin clear that performance is not the name of so many cores in a CPU. Exynos 7420, Snapdragon 810, Kirin 950 and there are so many other Chipsets fell behind with octa-core processor, and Apple A9 scored the highest that is a dual-core chip.


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