Apple A9 VS Exynos 7420 VS Apple A8 VS Snapdragon 805

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Apple A9 Geekbench benchmarkApple A9 chip has improved more than expected. It doesn’t feature a quad-core or octa-core processor, but its dual-core turned out enough to take over Samsung’s Exynos 7420, that is considered the fastest chip as for now.

Apple A9 chip in iPhone 6s and 6s plus score much higher in Geekbench 3 performance test. Its single-core performance score goes over 25o0, and multi-core surpasses 4400.

Apple A8 was good enough to perform any task smoothly, but A9 is monster being a dual-core SoC. In terms of single-core performance, Apple A8 is still better than Exynos 7420, but in multi-core level Exynos 7420 wins. Now it’s different. Compared to Apple A8 SoC, Apple A9 chip performs almost 60 percent faster in single-core performance and 50 percent faster in multi-core.

Note : S6 edge has been misspelled as 6s edge.

Apple A9 VS Exynos 7420 VS Snapdragon 805 VS Nvidia tegra K1

Snapdragon 805 is a 32-bit quad-core OS that Motorola Nexus 6 features, and Exynos 5433 is not the Samsung’s latest Chip that Galaxy Note 4 features. So We won’t talk about those devices.

Apple A9 VS Exynos 7420

Samsung’s Exynos 7420 and Apple A9 both are based on 14nm FinFET technology. Apple A9 has also been manufactured by Samsung. This makes us little confused that how they manufacture Apple’s chip to perform that fast in dual-core, and how they make their own? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge features an octa-core Exynos 7420 SoC and 3GB RAM, but it performs quite similar to Apple 9 chip in multi-core performance. However, Apple A9 SoC with 2GB RAM in iPhone 6s and 6s plus performs almost 90 percent faster compared to S6 edge.

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The graphic view of the performance test prepared by Apple inside defines that Apple A9 chip is leading the race. Apple has proved that having so many cores in a chip doesn’t help to perform well. Along with chip many things matter, like how optimized the system is, what technology storage, memory and chipset uses, and the most important thing is OS. Android OS needs more RAM and better chip to perform well, but iOS manage to perform fast even with less RAM and dual-core SoC.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus speed test with Apple A9 Chip

Also watch the speed test video captured by Apple Insider that shows how fast iPhone 6s and 6s plus is. The videos shows that iPhone 6s Plus is faster than iPhone 6s. Whenever they tap on an application, iPhone 6s Plus launches it quicker than iPhone 6.