Apple A9 14nm vs 16nm Performance test with iPhone 6s

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Who says chips based on 14nm FinFET performs better than 16nm? LOL! Along with many users I used to think this as well. iPhone 6s change my thought now. We all know iPhone 6s and 6s plus has two kinds of chip inside, Samsung made A9 chip based on 14nm FinFET tech that is smaller compared to TSMC made A9 chip that is based on 16nm FinFET. If you still don’t know which one your iPhone has, read our article to find out : How to check if your iPhone has Samsung 0r TSMC made Apple A9 Chip.

Recent Performance test that has been checked via Antutu proves that TSMC made Apple A9 chip performs better than Samsung made chip. It is faster as well as better in Antutu benchmark score.

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Have a look side by side; TSMC made A9 at the left and Samsung made A9 at the right

Smasung 14nm Apple A9 vs TSMC 16nm

Both are performing equally at the start, both at 8 percent

Antutu test Samsung A9 vs TSMC A9

TSMC Complete 99 percent and Samsung still at 93 percent

TSMC A9 faster than Samsung A9

Test completed, and TSMC made Apple A9 16nm leading in Antutu Benchmark score

TSMC A9 vs Samsung A9 Antutu benchmark

Benchmark result on another test; TSMC still leading

2nd test TSMC A9 vs Samsung A9 antutu benchmark

Now Samsung Made A9 Chip is hotter than TSMC made; Samsung at 39.3 degree temperature and TSMC at 35 degree. Chip based on 14nm FinFET tend to get heat quicker than 16nm

Some more tests and benchmark result, TSMC still leads

Unfortunately, you can’t ask the shopkeeper/career to give you an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus that has TSMC made A9 chip inside. There is no detail on the iPhone’s box/packaging. The only way to find out is unpack your iPhone 6s and check that way we explained. There is not much difference in benchmark score, but Samsung made A9 chip runs at little high temperature.

Technically, chips based on 14nm FinFET should perform faster, but that’s a surprise. Along with 14nm thing there must be lots of factors that a technical person would know.