How to check if your iPhone has Samsung/TSMC A9 Chip

This is not the first time iPhone’s chip has been manufactured by two different companies; Samsung and TSMC. This time everyone is concerned about it, and there are some reasons behind this.

  • Samsung made Apple A9 chip is smaller in size and they are based on 14nm FinFET technology, and TSMC made hip is little bigger and they have used 16nm FinFET tech
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus facing heating issue that doesn’t allow you to turn on camera flash until it gets cool down, and some users reported unexpected shut down as well

Usually 14nm chip performs faster compared to 16nm. So Samsung made Apple A9 chips should perform better, shouldn’t they? It’s not as simple as we think. After test, TSMC made A9 chips have been found cooler than Samsung made. This make us believe that majority of users who are facing issue should have Samsung chip inside their iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, but don’t take this for granted. However, we will give you instruction how to find out which one you have got.

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How to check if your iPhone 6s or 6s plus has Samsung/TSMC made A9 Chip

  • Visit this site from your iPhone, use safari :
  • Tap on install, and confirm the installation tapping on install again
  • Once installed, check your iPhone’s menu. You will see a new icon “A9 CPU identifier
  • If you click on iCon, you will get an error that app is from untrusted supplier. Go to Settings -> General -> Profile, now tap on Guangzhou Huimei Electronic Co. LTD.. Tap on Trust “Guangzhou Huimei Electronic Co. LTD.”, Confirm tapping on trust again
  • Now go back to your iPhone’s menu, and tap on A9 CPU Identifier
  • Now you can see whether it is TSMC or Samsung made

Now you can uninstall the app and the profile, because it doesn’t help in any other way except telling you what chip your iPhone has. You can delete the profile going to Settings, tap on General and then Profile. Select the profile you wish to delete and tap on Delete App.

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According to the data prepared by this A9 CPU identifier shows that more than 74 percent of iPhone 6s features TSMC made Apple A9 chip, and more than 57 percent of iPhone 6s plus has Samsung made chip inside. So TSMC is leading in overall data, but this data is incomplete and based on test only. All the iPhone users have not tested and not going to test in future. So their data will be inaccurate for lifetime. However, it given an idea at least.

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