Battery Life Comparison : iPhone 6s and some other smartphones

Less mAh doesn’t always mean less battery life. At least Apple has proved it in case of iPhone 6s. It has just broken the record, and went beyond expectation. iPhone 6s features 1715 mAh battery compared to 1810 mAh in iPhone 6. This reduction must have made you assume that it will die slightly earlier than iPhone 6, but this is not the case.

Let’s have a look at the battery life comparison / run time of iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and some other devices, prepared by PhoneArena.

iPhone 6s battery life comparison

Battery Power in listed smartphones

Galaxy S6 Active : 3500 mAh

Xperia Z3 Compact : 2600 mAh

iPhone 6s : 1715 mAh

Galaxy S6 Edge : 2600 mAh

Xperia Z3+ : 2930 mAh

Galaxy S6 : 2550 mAh

HTC One M9 : 2840 mAh

iPhone 6 : 1810 mAh

iPhone 6 stays at the bottom, and you can say it is because it has the least power among all (except iPhone 6s). iPhone 6s managed to hold third position with 8 hours and 15 minutes run time. Other smartphones, like Xperia Z3 compact lasted longer than Z3+ even it has less power.

iPhone 6s ran 2 hours and 53 mins longer compared to iPhone 6 even it has 95 mAh more power. So it’s not all about mAh, it matters though, but not as much as we really think. The battery life is like system performance, it also depends on how optimized your device is. In the same way, iPhone 6s Plus should also last longer compared to iPhone 6 Plus. Apple A9 Chip seems turns out energy efficient.

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