All iPhone 6s doesn’t have the same A9 Chip

We have already seen new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and its tear down. Apple A9 chip was rumored to be based on 14nm FinFET technology, but Chipwork mentioned it to be 16nm. However, A9 chip made by TSMC is based on 16nm FinFET tech and the those Samsung made are based on 14nm. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus uses two different sizes of A9 Chip.

Apple A9 chip has been manufactured by Samsung as well as TSMC. Samsung made chip “APL0898” is smaller in size, and the one TSMC has produced “APL1022” is bigger, reported by Chipwork. tThey also mentioned that the Smaller Chip made by Samsung shows leadership in terms of benchmarking.

Have a look at both of the chipset size

Apple A9 chip made by Samsung and TSMC

Chipwork has just clarified it very well with the size measurement, and they even put one chip in front of another to let you see the difference in size. If one chip perform better than other, this could create dissatisfaction among users, and they may get curios to know what they have really got.

At the very start when one AT&T customer got her iPhone 6s delivered early, she posted the Geekbench 3 benchmark score. It was showing that the device features a 1.79 GHz dual-core processor, and later we found another iPhone 6s with 1.85 GHz dual-core processor. Have a look at both

If you can see both has the same model as iPhone8,1 which is iPhone 6s for sure. So the performance of one chip may differ from another. Well, this is not certain as for now. Chipwork is still investigating, and will update soon. Keep in touch, we will update you soon.

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