iPhone 6s 64GB is best selling new iPhone

There are various surveys that claimed devices above 5 inches are the best selling phones, but when it comes to Apple, you will have to change your thought. In the event, Apple also said that iPhone 6 is the most popular iPhone in the history, and iPhone 6s is ready to repeat it.

According to preorder/order data of new iPhone 6s and 6s plus, iPhone 6s 64GB Variant is the most popular iPhone. It accounts for almost 50 percent of the sale so far. Thanks to Rose Gold and Space Gray color!

iPhone 6s rose gold

Apple iPhone 6s sale data

We all know that 16GB in new smartphone is not really enough, you get around 11GB available storage. iPhone 6s comes with some great features, like 4K video recording, live photos etc.. So 11 GB is not enough to store high quality images, live photos, videos, music and games. On the other hand 128GB is much expensive, so users try to stay in the middle. Apple doesn’t brought 32GB storage option as it was rumored, so 64GB is the best option here.

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iPhone 6s comes with a smaller battery and lacks Optical Image Stabilization compared to iPhone 6s Plus, but it’s compact. iPhone 6s plus is too large for those who love compact phones. The data defines that iPhone users cares more about the compactness than battery and OIS.

After reading this news, you may also consider buying iPhone 6s 64GB variant, but don’t make others choice your own. You can buy any model that suits you. For ex : If you are among those who use smartphones just to browse internet and use social media, there is no reason you should spend more to buy 64GB variant. This is why new iPhones still have 16GB storage option. Understand your usage and then decide.

So which one you want to go for?

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