Early delivered iPhone 6s benchmark, RAM and Processor

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One AT&T customer, Adrienne received iPhone 6s earlier than expected. She also posted some images of the device, and the accessories. She also took some photos and videos using iPhone 6s and shared on her twitter profile. She couldn’t even wait to run Geekbench performance test.

iPhone 6s benchmark, RAM and Processor

iPhone 6s is much faster compare to iPhone 6, this is what Geekbench score defines. iPhone 6s scored 2292 in single core performance, and 4293 in multi-core. The best score iPhone 6 has ever made on Geekbench is; 1642 in single-core and 2944 in multi-core. So you can assume how fast it is going to work. There is no match of A9 chip in terms of single-core performance, it even beats Snapdragon 820 benchmark. In multi-core performance, Apple A9 SoC left Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 far behind. However, Snapdragon 820 leads in multi-core benchmark.

Geekbench benchmark also revealed that iPhone 6s / Apple A9 chip features 2GB of RAM and 1.8 GHz dual-core processor. Scoring 4293 for a dual-core chip is a big deal that has not been seen so far.

Have a look at iPhone 6s benchmark screenshots (click on enlarge)

You can see that the test has been performed on 21 September. Model shows as iPhone8,1, running on iOS 9.0, 64GB Variant etc.. The score it has made is quite surprising, and we didn’t even think it will go that far being a dual-core SoC.

Along with better chipset, iPhone 6s and 6s plus also has an upgraded 12-megapixel camera. We posted some camera samples that were captured at New York Fashion Week and MLB Game. Those samples also show much improvement in camera quality. Apple seems to be heading in the right direction, but they are quite busy at this time dealing with XcodeGhost Malware.