Photoshoot with iPhone 6s Plus at New York Fashion Week

iPhone 6s and 6s plus has not been shipped anywhere in the world, and its first shipment/delivery would be on 25 September. However, Apple sent iPhone 6s Plus at NYFW (New York Fashion Week) for a test drive. It was handed over to Kevin Lu who is well known as professional photographer. Some of his photographs have been featured in Apple campaigns as well.

Photoshoot at NYFT with iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus features 12-megapixel rear camera, that us a huge upgrade compared to iPhone 6. It has also been improved to provide accurate focus, and now it supports 4K video shoot as well.

Click image to enlarge. All photos are in 2000 X 1500 pixels resolution

Kevin Lu on NYFW photoshoot

“It’s a lot quicker, so I can get more shots that I want, so I don’t miss much,” Lu tells of the phone’s responsiveness. “I also do videography, so the 4K video is really helpful because the quality is absolutely insane on a mobile phone and you can see a lot of detail.” While Lu is a professional whose photos have been featured in Apple campaigns, he believes the new update will make it even easier for amateur snappers to get top-shelf shots. “With a 12-megapixel camera, you can really get some incredible details, and you can zoom in a lot closer when you need to,” he explains.


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