Benchmark : Kirin 950 VS Snapdragon 820 VS Exynos 7420

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Geekbench score huawei kirin 950

Samsung’s Exynos 7420 is the best chip available in the market that even beats Snapdragon 820 in multi-core performance. However, Snapdragon 820 and Kirin 950 is due to launch. So the best chip crown, for now, goes to Exynos 7420 in terms of performance.

Well, Huawei Kirin 950 is ready to snatch the crown from Samsung. This is what we understood from the Benchmark score. It beats Exynos 7420 as well as Snapdragon 820. We will share you the benchmark score of each chipset.

Exynos 7420 BenchMark Score (GeekBench)

Exynos 7420

Single-core : 1520

Multi-core : 5478

Snapdragon 820 BenchMark Score (GeekBench)

Snapdragon 820 geekbench Benchmark score

Single-core : 1732

Multi-core : 4970

Kirin 950 BenchMark Score (GeekBench)

Kirin 950 geekbench Benchmark score

Single-core : 1909

Multi-core : 6096

You see how Kirin 950 has improved the performance compared to its predecessor. It beats both the other chipset in Single-core performance as well as Multi-core. It seems Huawei is working very hard to compete. Kirin 950 is based on Cortex A72 and will feature 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and Mali-T880 MP6 GPU.

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Snapdragon 820 did better than Exynos 7420 in terms of Single-core performance but remained behind when it came to Multi-core. However, we have heard a lot of rumors about the Samsung’s Exynos 7422, and I hope it will do better than Kirin 950.