Qualcomm announces Adreno 530 and 510 Graphic

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Adreno 530 and 521

We heard a lot about the next generation chip “Qualcomm Snapdragon 820,” but official announcement has been made now. Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 820, 620/618 chipset that will feature Adreno 530 and 510 GPU. Smartphones with these chipset will be available from 1H 2016. So you have to hold your horses for little long.

These new version of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and Image Signal Processing (ISP) will deliver great performance as well as reduce the power consumption. We will tell you all the key features.

Key features of Adreno 530 and 510 GPU

  • Devices with the latest Snapdragon Chipset will be able to capture ultra-clear high quality videos and photos with great color accuracy.
  • Snapdragon 820 will be equipped with new 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra ISP unit, that will have the ability to produce DSLR-quality photography.
  • It will have 40 percent faster performance and 40 percent lower power consumption in comparison to its predecessor.
  • Support for 64-bit architecture (it’s not a new feature though).
  • Up to 4K HEVC video support at 60fps over HDMI 2.0 Rec. 2020 ultra-high definition (UHD) display and TVs.

Well, Qualcomm has mentioned a lot boasting its GPU, but no word about CPU. They must have learned something from Snapdragon 810 chipset, and I hope the heating issue will not come up again. Snapdragon 810 forced smartphone companies to throttle the CPU speed that actually lowers the performance.

Adreno 530 and 510 GPU will produce the DSLR images, but that doesn’t mean every device with that GPU will do. For example: Xiaomi Mi4 and Galaxy S5 has same graphic, but there is huge difference in image quality. Along with GPU, camera also matters. Apple iPhone 6 Plus captures quite similar photos in comparison to Galaxy Note 4 even iPhone 6 has 8-megapixel camera and Note features a 16-megapixel. So the smartphone companies need to take care of their camera quality along with GPU to provide the best performance.