Feedback about Samsung Galaxy S6 from iPhone 6 Plus user

I recently sold my iPhone 6 Plus, because iPhone 6s Plus will be launched next month and the price for the older version will get reduced. So, I sold the device before it gets launched. I didn’t have any good experience from Samsung mobiles, but I thought to give Galaxy S6 a try, because I heard many good things about it.

iPhone 6 Plus was my first Apple smartphone that I bought, and I liked it because of these reasons

iPhone 6 Plus

  1. The touch is so smooth that you love to type, I never had an amazing typing experience before even with Galaxy Note 4.
  2. While browsing, the page doesn’t reload every time you go back that saves lots of data.
  3. After minimizing the web browser, when you reopen, it doesn’t refresh and shows the page right away.
  4. Even with 1GB RAM, it is so smooth to run multiple apps and Games at the same time.
  5. Battery was good enough to run all day.
  6. As I have a Macbook, it was a great companion.
  7. I was able to disable cellular data for each and every app according to my need, and could also manage permission of any app whether I want them to access camera, contacts or location or not
  8. Premium design
  9. Finger Print Sensor is well managed, and I can say it is the best in the smartphone industry, because of the round shaped button that allows the finger to fit easily.
  10. It has Siri that do lots of your tasks.

What I felt while using Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


The Good

  • The display quality is better than iPhone 6 Plus, it looks sharper because of the high resolution.
  • The touch and Typing is also smooth.
  • The Camera is better than iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Samsung took a next step first time improving the design leaving the plastic material behind.
  • Its faster charging helps to charge your device quickly that is very useful when you are going somewhere and you need to charge your device quickly.

The Bad

  • The major issue is the battery that needs to be charged twice a day.
  • The device is fast, but stability is lost somewhere. The browser refreshes when you open it again after minimizing it. When you go to the back page, it refreshes every time. After minimizing a game, when you open again, it takes more time to come back to the same screen.
  • I can’t manage app permission properly, like not allowing any specific app to access contacts, camera, location, mobile data etc.

The display size is smaller than iPhone 6 Plus, but I can’t call it a bad feature. It’s compact and the best size for a smartphones. However, I like something bigger that makes typing more comfortable. Galaxy S6 doesn’t have any feature that can do as much as Siri can, but there are some apps that can do little. However, Microsoft Cortana is coming to Android soon that can do better I hope.

If you want to share your own experience about both the models (if you have used), please let us know. we must have missed something or some feature that you love a lot on Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 Plus, that I would love to know from you.

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